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by VOR
26 Aug 2018 20:37
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Aston Villa (A)
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Re: BFTG - Aston Villa (A)

No, what is happening is that a fluky last minute penalty has completely changed people’s view of the game. Win or lose or draw I look at it as a performance and I would have said by and large the exact same things had the game finished 1-0. LUX and tidus did you even go? Just from watching the hig...
by VOR
29 Apr 2018 14:02
Forum: The Team
Topic: Back from the ****
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Re: Back from the ****

Fingers crossed the results go against us, then we can be deservedly relegated and we can get rid of this shower of gutless sh*te and rebuild and start all over again. Anyone who requests relegation is a disgrace - take a look at yourself Gunny I'm not a disgrace I've supported this club all my lif...
by VOR
25 Jun 2017 21:09
Forum: The Team
Topic: Sunderland Crap
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Re: Sunderland Crap

Whilst we have finally shook off the dreadful day out that is Stoke-on-Trent we have sadly gained its southern, less angry equivalent."[/i][/quote] sorry mate, calling you on this (not that I think for one minute you believe it yourself). As I explained, Reading is far from boring. Its a very p...
by VOR
25 Jun 2017 21:06
Forum: The Team
Topic: Sunderland Crap
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Re: Sunderland Crap

Hendo wrote:One thing I don't get about Sunderland, is why do they always try and declare their election results first? :|

I wouldn't have even thought of it as a race to be first :|

Desperate attempt to make their town (sorry, city) look interesting
by VOR
18 Sep 2016 11:22
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Barnsley
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Re: BFTG Barnsley

I think it's very harsh. Hourihane goes in nastily on Danny, then comes over quite aggressively to give him a load of abuse, and GMc just shoves him away. See plenty of similar actions in scuffles that go unpunished. It was just the exaggerated fall that made it look worse than it was. You cannot r...
by VOR
31 Jan 2016 10:43
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Walsall
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Re: BFTG Walsall

1st goal was a tap in from 2 yards out. HRK is stood right behind him, so it's 2-0 whether Vydra's on the pitch or not. 2nd goal was a good header, made up for chalking off Williams's goal. But unfortunately next week he'll be up against a keeper with more than 6 football league appearances to his n...
by VOR
29 Jan 2016 19:13
Forum: The Team
Topic: CONFIMRED - Deniss Rakels
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Re: Rumour - Deniss Rakels

Royal Bison wrote:
bluerinse wrote:He is Latvian but plays in the Polish League. I would have thought with a question mark against the last player we signed from the Polish League (Orlando Sa ) we should be wary of the standard of players coming out of that league.

What exactly has Sa done wrong?

Behave like a twat?
by VOR
20 Jan 2016 22:54
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Huddersfield
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Re: BFTG - Huddersfield

Scutterbucketz wrote:Just seen the highlights. That was a very harsh sending off. I know we'd all be pissed off if it had been reversed.

Not really - he trird to pull him back, was the last defender, prevented a clear goalscoring opportunity - that's a red card. It only has to be a foul, he doen't need to assault him.
by VOR
17 Jan 2016 21:58
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - MK Dons
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Re: BFTG - MK Dons

Just piss off McDermott you are crap and always will be. Yeah, so crap he rescued us from relegation and got us into the play-offs in his first season and got a mediocre squad promoted as champions the following year. Crap, crap, crap. Perhaps you need a lie down in a darkened room while McD is giv...
by VOR
27 Dec 2015 23:42
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG: Wolves away
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Re: BFTG: Wolves away

Personally, I thought we played like we actually wanted something from the game, unlike the previous 2 months when we rolled over and showed our bellies after 5 minutes play. We lost but at least played with some desire if not imagination, and think we will come good soon. PS Gunter........No! Don'...
by VOR
12 Dec 2015 23:13
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - PNE
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Given that the worst player on the field today probably earns more in a month than I can earn in a couple of years, every single person playing should take a long hard look at their commitment to the club and decide whether they want to play or to coast. This was a game to blot out of the memory. T...
by VOR
09 Dec 2015 22:31
Forum: The Team
Topic: Welcome back Brian!
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Re: Welcome back Brian

Time will tell, but I'm pretty sure going back to someone who was sacked after displaying some all too obvious limitations really isn't the best idea - no matter how well revered by the fans. Come on.... Brian is one of only two people that have successfully guided the Royals in to the Premiership....
by VOR
06 Dec 2015 11:22
Forum: International Football
Topic: World Cup 2018
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Re: World Cup 2018

Could be trickier than it looks. Jocks will probably play above themselves against us and Slovakia are a rising force. Better to meet a higher ranked maybe past their peak (e.g. Switzerland) than a lower ranked team on the up.
by VOR
23 Sep 2015 14:37
Forum: The Team
Topic: Adam McCleary?!! (Media don't like us /can't spell thread)
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Re: The BBC

Was the BBC kinder to RFC 1997-2005 when the town had 2 Labour MPs? This has nothing to do with political bias, much though the usual Tory trolls here would like to make you think. Just confirmation bias - seeing what you expect/want to see.
by VOR
03 Sep 2015 17:06
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Stadium name to be change to highest bidder
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Re: Stadium name to be change to highest bidder

Big Foot wrote:Is there a brand out there that would encourage you to attend more matches?

Is there a brand out there that would discourage you from attending in the future?

Either way, interested in your thoughts

Do you work for a survey firm?
by VOR
29 Jul 2015 23:49
Forum: The Team
Topic: Season ahead
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Re: Season ahead

It's hard not too when I bang her every night.[/quote]
I'm concerned my mum might have the police on her for paedophilia if your claim is true.[/quote][/quote]

I'm 91 and legal don't worry.[/quote]

Not interested in your IQ
by VOR
18 Jun 2015 00:29
Forum: The Team
Topic: Fran Kirby
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Re: Fran Kirby

I thought this thread was about Fran Kirby. Who played well again tonight BTW.
by VOR
18 May 2015 13:01
Forum: The Team
Topic: Coming soon to a cinema near you - Robin Friday The Movie
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Re: Coming soon to a cinema near you - Robin Friday The Movi

Nou Camp, so that all 100,000 people who claim they were at Elm Park when he bycicle kick volleyed in from 90 yards can be represented. More like 200,000 and I heard he did 5 somersaults before whacking it in from the roof of the Spread Eagle. I was there: 5-0 v Tranmere 1976. It was an over the sh...
by VOR
08 May 2015 10:17
Forum: The Team
Topic: Opposition fans back from the game
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Re: Opposition fans back from the game

The thing with Derby (and many other relatively sizeable provincial clubs) is they just can't accept their natural place in contemporary footballing society. Back in the 70's, when they had a successful team that won a few major trophies, I could accept that they were truly a big club, but their fa...
by VOR
04 May 2015 10:39
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: SPACULATION - Matt Mills
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Re: Matt Mills

I'd rather eat my own shit than watch that nasty tosser back in a Reading shirt. I'd take Pearce over him every day of any given week. +1. I'm sure he would come back despite the history as long as the money was OK but wouldn't touch him with a very long barge pole. Big Time Charlie without the abi...
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