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by Westwood52
07 Apr 2019 17:28
Forum: The Team
Topic: The League of 4
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Re: The League of 4

Every time I put us through Game Forecasts; I come up with us surviving -just. Even one more win and a draw might do it. I had Hull down as a loss anyway; but the Rotherham result yesterday was a shock; I think I had put it down as a draw. If we could have won yesterday it would have been massive. F...
by Westwood52
18 Mar 2019 09:30
Forum: The Team
Topic: Nine Very Difficult Games - Predictions?
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Re: Nine Very Difficult Games - Predictions?

I have run through the Fishy Calculator about 5 times only putting in the expected results of the bottom six. Its well known that I am a glass half full type of guy; however I keep on coming up with a result which indicates we will survive. I think I have been very conservative ( by my calculation w...
by Westwood52
12 Mar 2019 23:24
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Leeds Home
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Re: BFTG Leeds Home

I am just so glad I battled through the M4 /A33 fiasco; to watch a fantastic performance by the Lads. On Saturday I was held up by three men with one broom and tonight I was held up by one man in a Yellow Vest (was he French?)with a green light and still they are encouraging more development around ...
by Westwood52
09 Mar 2019 20:17
Forum: The Team
Topic: Bftg- Wigan (h)
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Re: Bftg- Wigan (h)

The result should not obscure a dreadful performance; yes even in this season of mediocrity; apart from a ten minute spell 1st half; I think this was the worst. Remember the Swans are a fair better team than this bunch of Wigan s**t kickers; whose only tactic was to press and foul at every opportuni...
by Westwood52
07 Mar 2019 17:54
Forum: The Team
Topic: Economics
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Re: Economics

Lets not shy away from the fact that ending up in Div One would be a disaster. At present I put it at 50/50; there just does not seem to be an initiative amongst the current squad to battle it out.We all know who the four teams are battling to avoid the last relegation slot. Our team sheet is the st...
by Westwood52
23 Feb 2019 20:02
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Rotherham
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BFTG Rotherham

That was it, only a fluke will keep us up-not so much the result but the players attitude.Today was the day to put on a performance , but it just wasn't there. Rotherham were unbelievably poor & were there for the taking out wide; but there just wasn't any self belief or commitment. I for one am...
by Westwood52
20 Feb 2019 11:44
Forum: The Team
Topic: MATCHWATCH : Rotherham United (h) sponsored by all or nothing
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Re: MATCHWATCH : Rotherham United (h) sponsored by all or nothing

The sale of Bacuna and injuries to Ezad and Rino have left us very vulnerable. I would go with Yiadom as an emergency CM-hopefully they have been working on it all week. He's mobile, up for a battle, physical and has a good attitude. But please, please , please don't pass the ball out to him from th...
by Westwood52
08 Feb 2019 16:04
Forum: The Team
Topic: MATCHWATCH : Sheffield Wednesday sponsored by Adrian Popa
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Re: MATCHWATCH : Sheffield Wednesday sponsored by Adrian Popa

So a Wednesday Fan , felt none of our starting line up would get into their team ? Last season I suggested we had five top class Championship players (although nobody good enough for the Prem). Yet we still finished in the danger zone , because those five never really hit anything like full throttle...
by Westwood52
04 Feb 2019 20:13
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Villa
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Re: BFTG Villa

I absolutely agree with you-if the Ref had seen it, he is required to stop the game if there is a possibility of a head injury. Really ? Try getting video evidence in tier 7 ! There was no video evidence required because the ref saw it. The ref would still see it in Step 7. I know what you're getti...
by Westwood52
02 Feb 2019 20:09
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Topic: BFTG Villa
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Re: BFTG Villa

This is becoming a broken record & our third Manager seems to be totally unable to repair the deep faults within. We made half a dozen mistakes first twenty minutes; which fortunately didn't cost us; we then played well for the rest of the half & Oliveira forced their keeper into two good sa...
by Westwood52
19 Jan 2019 18:33
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Derby (A)
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BFTL Derby

Even though I missed the opening ten minutes-when Ilori & Co went into brain fade-take it from me, that was awful.We get back from the game due to a Derby error( well done Ejari & Alukho)-then for the remains of the game when Derby are clearly knacked-we fail to construct anything by way of ...
by Westwood52
17 Jan 2019 15:51
Forum: The Team
Topic: Six Eight and Ten
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Six Eight and Ten

How tactics have changed since Stevie Coppell's day. He played two in midfield; Harper and Sidwell-who's primary responsibility was to block off the middle and protect the CBs. It helped that both had great engines, and could also arrive outside the penalty area at opportune moments. Coppell's main ...
by Westwood52
08 Jan 2019 10:37
Forum: The Team
Topic: Bring on the Forest-team for Saturday?
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Re: Bring on the Forest-team for Saturday?

Yiadom Moore Blackett Richards
Rino Bacuna
Harriot Meite Baldock.

Worry about that front three scoring

Would prefer Bod (but injured) Macca (two non events recently) Barrow (not interested)
by Westwood52
08 Jan 2019 10:31
Forum: The Team
Topic: Clear out started
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Re: Clear out started

I think it would be a mistake to let McNulty go-probably useful in Div 1 & given there will be a massive clear out (if) when that happens to us-likely to be a starter. That said he is one of the easier ones to ship out to Div 1 or 2. Barrow might warrant attraction from abroad-there is definitel...
by Westwood52
08 Jan 2019 10:20
Forum: The Team
Topic: Confimred loan - Ovie Ejaria
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Re: Confimred loan - Ovie Ejaria

Probably replaces Pelle-similar type of player-same money.

Lets face it, its all a bit of a mess-surprised someone took Edwards & would be surprised anyone would take McShane or Meyler-but hey its the sort of thing we do.
by Westwood52
05 Jan 2019 15:20
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTT Man Utd
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BFTT Man Utd

That was OK wasn't it. At times we were playing quite free flowing football; bit unlucky with the 1st goal-despite VAR, I thought Lukaku was off side and active (made a move towards the ball). Albeit Man Utd never got out of second gear; because they didn't have to. IMHO: Jakkola 7: Couple of good s...
by Westwood52
01 Jan 2019 19:02
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Swansea
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Re: BFTG - Swansea

Unless you were there today, it would be difficult to over emphasise how shocking we were for the first 70 minutes .This was worse than anything that has gone before. Sure we dominated the last 20 minutes-but four nil up-Swansea sensibly realised that they had bigger fish to fry. At home in particul...
by Westwood52
27 Dec 2018 18:52
Forum: The Team
Topic: MATCHWATCH : Queens Park Rangers sponsored by the Simod Cup started here
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Re: MATCHWATCH : Queens Park Rangers sponsored by the Simod Cup started here

After the two red cards, picking a team for Saturday, is going to be an absolute nightmare.
I would probably go for:

Yiadom Moore OShea Richards

Rino Swift Meyler (maybe Onsho ?)

Macca Meite Barrow
by Westwood52
27 Dec 2018 18:47
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG- Millwall (a)
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Re: BFTG- Millwall (a)

Had another look at the two red card offences. My initial reaction to Tyler's on Sky Sports straight after it happened, was that it was a straight red. My Son disagreed. Looked at it again & after careful consideration, I don't think it was. Yes Tyler "left the ground"-however by the t...
by Westwood52
22 Dec 2018 19:27
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Boro Home
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Re: BFTG Boro Home

How has it got to this ? I think Scott Marshall was naïve in the extreme today in selection, performance and substitution. That team never had the nous to get any points today. Yes at times we played some nice bright football right from the off, and we were probably the better footballing team. But ...
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