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by PieEater
10 May 2018 17:41
Forum: The Team
Topic: Ticket Prices
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Re: Ticket Prices

I looked at it but had to abandon it when I saw the inappropriate use of "less" rather than "fewer"
by PieEater
06 May 2018 18:27
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTT Cardiff
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Re: BFTT Cardiff

I'm sure everyone thought we'd get totally hammered today so a point against a side promoted is a good result

I have to say that Cardiff were equally shit and can't see them surpassing Derby's points score.

Thanks to Derby for making us safe.
by PieEater
29 Apr 2018 16:00
Forum: The Team
Topic: Back from the ****
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Re: Back from the ****

Surely you can understand the difference between best and worst :lol:
by PieEater
28 Apr 2018 17:37
Forum: The Team
Topic: Results required for us to stay up in the final day
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Re: Results required for us to stay up in the final day

My prediction is that all teams will lose, and we'll be safe. Somehow
by PieEater
14 Apr 2018 18:19
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Sunderland
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Re: BFTG Sunderland

I thought we were lucky to get a point. Not sure about the pen but it was a welcome relief, pretty well our first attack. We were second to most balls and Sunderland had some great chances, Moore was imperious and made a number of blocks and an incredible header off the line - similar to the Sonko i...
by PieEater
07 Apr 2018 18:51
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Preston -Home
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Re: BFTG - Preston -Home

It was crying out for a Evans - Swift sub at 60mins, I was surprised to see Martin swapped for Bod instead.
by PieEater
07 Apr 2018 17:46
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Preston -Home
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BFTG - Preston -Home

You have to hand it to Clement, 2 home wins in 2 games, and those points probably keep us up. It wasn't pretty, Preston were organised and closed us down all game, their plan seemed to be to buy free kicks and nick a goal from set pieces Although they hit the bar twice I thought on balance we deserv...
by PieEater
07 Apr 2018 10:06
Forum: The Team
Topic: MATCHWATCH : Preston North End (h) sponsored by the curse of Saturday
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Re: MATCHWATCH : Preston North End (h) sponsored by the curse of Saturday

As some of the observations above suggest, a fan base full to overflowing with ignorant and resentful northern scumbags while the club itself is not much better. I remember one year the salvation army parked themselves in front of us and struck up while the match was in progress. Oddly enough, this...
by PieEater
16 Mar 2018 14:49
Forum: The Team
Topic: FAO Season Ticket Holders - Renew or not?
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Re: FAO Season Ticket Holders - Renew or not?

A mate used to have a ST but gave up this year saying that he'd probably do Saturdays but Tuesday night games were difficult. Then when the standard of football turned to be utterly shit he's stopped altogether and only seen 3 games this season. I think if I gave up my ST I'd be more like that, I'd ...
by PieEater
10 Mar 2018 19:12
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Leeds
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Re: BFTG - Leeds

For once Stam picked a pretty standard team and formation and surprise surprise we did ok First half we played well and should have been 2 or 3 nil up at half time, but some how we miss our chances then Leeds get a goal just before half time, A complete injustice Then second half they get one and we...
by PieEater
06 Mar 2018 23:51
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Bolton
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Re: BFTG - Bolton

Similar to the last game, as soon as I saw the teams announced I knew it was game over. It's like Stam threw all of his cards in the air and saw where they landed and said yeah we'll go with that. So much for the trip away to Spain, the extra time having missed Wolves, we put out yet another complet...
by PieEater
05 Mar 2018 15:52
Forum: The Team
Topic: Reading v Leeds United
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Re: Reading v Leeds United

Will it be on the telly, the Sky Sports Leeds channel?
by PieEater
27 Feb 2018 23:06
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Sheffield Utd
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BFTG Sheffield Utd

As soon as I saw the team selection I knew this was game over. How hard is it for a manager to stick with a side that performed well on Saturday rather over manage and try to do some clever tactics and team selection to send out a team that didn't know what it was doing or how to play. We're at home...
by PieEater
26 Feb 2018 16:59
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Thais set sights on Oxford
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Re: Thais set sights on Oxford

If I roll my eyes any further at these "rumours" I feel my eyes are going to be permanently stuck in the back of my eye sockets. No more "rolling of eyes" then? I may not post often but quality is better than quantity You said current owners, I inferred that as referring to the ...
by PieEater
10 Feb 2018 20:16
Forum: The Team
Topic: The only course of action now...
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Re: The only course of action now...

As a STH for 17 years, I'm past caring, I'm complete apathetic about the whole club, team, players and manager. I'm not even angry we're so shit.
by PieEater
10 Feb 2018 18:31
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Pub help required
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Re: Pub help required

RG30 wrote:The Vine is the pub/boozer at West Brom.

Went to the Vine recently, they've moved the open barbeque at the back to a separate area behind a counter and added a lot more tables. Still a cracking pub.
by PieEater
03 Feb 2018 19:49
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFT Appalling mess at home
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Re: BFT Appalling mess at home

This isn't about Blackett, it's about a team devoid of confidence and clueless as to what system to play. Everyone had renewed optimism after the recent signings and away win but we failed to deliver. I can recall a shot on target or any vague attacking threat. Stam has had much more backing and lat...
by PieEater
20 Jan 2018 19:10
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Brentford
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Re: BFTG Brentford

I'm pretty well non plussed about the team the result and the whole season. I went to the game quite expecting to lose and they delivered. Perhaps there was slightly more hope of a goal than previous games but we never really looked like winning that game. We are a shambles and in a relegation fight.
by PieEater
23 Dec 2017 19:01
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFT £&*@!! - Burton
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Re: BFT £&*@!! - Burton

I'm guessing they'd all been out on the piss for their Christmas party last night, otherwise it was the inevitable of the team doing their utmost to extinguish any hope of a revival or get any enthusiasm going for the fans.
by PieEater
11 Dec 2017 13:27
Forum: The Team
Topic: Witty?Humorous Player Nicknames
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Re: Witty?Humorous Player Nicknames

Shaun "Short" Cummings, both for his diminutive stature and the limitations in his game during his tenure with us Or when he was playing well: Shaun "Second" Cummings. Or Shaun Cummings all over the place Shaun Cummings all over your face Struggle Pig was Danny Williams, which c...
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