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by royal_rumble
25 Sep 2017 09:38
Forum: The Team
Topic: Jaap's Radio Comments
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Re: Jaap's Radio Comments

I have to say firstly I think there is a massive overreaction to these comments. In my opinion Stam is the best manager we have had for a very long time and it would be a shame to loose him because of this. I think Saturday was the worst we've played all season maybe with the exception of QPR, yet ...
by royal_rumble
23 Sep 2017 20:46
Forum: The Team
Topic: Jaap's Radio Comments
Replies: 185
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Re: Jaap's Radio Comments

Whilst I wasn't booing, I was pretty uninspired by the display and a bit annoyed at another seemingly lethargic and ineffective performance. Week after week we are creating nothing, yet he keeps coming out and saying we were 'unlucky' or the 'better team'?? Stam needs to focus his attention on worki...
by royal_rumble
28 Jul 2017 10:32
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Desperate for a striker poll
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Re: Desperate for a striker poll

maffff wrote:Ian Royal to blow the right man.

by royal_rumble
16 Jun 2017 09:43
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Deniss Rakels
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Deniss Rakels

Is it me, or did I see some pictures of Rakels having a medical at Lech Poznan? Didn't realise he was leaving!
by royal_rumble
30 May 2017 10:14
Forum: The Team
Topic: The Shame Your Block Thread
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Re: The Shame Your Block Thread

a) there really wasn't much to get behind, although for some periods the noise was ok. b) why are people so obsessed about day trippers? so some non hardcore fans come to the game, what is the big deal? I know a few parents brought their family / kids to their first big game... are they not allowed ...
by royal_rumble
29 May 2017 21:54
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Wembley
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Re: BFTG - Wembley

Why oh why, after 46 games, and 180 hard fought minutes in the play off - would Stam set his team up like that, seemingly playing for pens (alongside some abject performances on the pitch). Can't really fathom it. Well played Williams who was immense today, but on the day we didn't deserve it. Neith...
by royal_rumble
10 Apr 2017 09:07
Forum: The Team
Topic: Anyone For Chinese?
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Re: Anyone For Chinese?

This takeover stinks, I know for a fact Chris Samuelson is all over this, and the Premier League are clearly exerting pressure on the FL over these guys. Can you imagine what will happen if we go up, get TV money, get relegated, get parachute money... I wonder where that will go? Not only that but I...
by royal_rumble
15 Mar 2017 11:45
Forum: The Team
Topic: If RFC don't make the play-offs....
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Re: If RFC don't make the play-offs....

Isn't it about time the club said something publicly about the takeover situation. Can't believe people aren't threading up on this. Agreed on this. Of course it would be disappointing to miss out on the play offs but I have a feeling that the lack of any kind of direction from the boardroom, or re...
by royal_rumble
14 Mar 2017 10:17
Forum: The Team
Topic: Sheffield Wednesday (A) Predictions
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Re: Sheffield Wednesday (A) Predictions

Given that we have been beaten by most half decent / top half teams away from home, I'd be quite confident in predicting a 3-0 win for Sheff Weds. Probably falling apart after we've had plenty of possession and missed a few chances at 0-0. :D
by royal_rumble
26 Feb 2017 00:28
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTS - Brighton (A)
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Re: BFTS - Brighton (A)

Why are people talking about the playing style and 7 month in etc? Isn't this a review of the game? Went today and we were terrible, worst game I've seen in a while... we got taken apart by a decent, but not great team. Of course it's not the end of the world but it's really not encouraging that Sta...
by royal_rumble
13 Jan 2017 10:17
Forum: The Team
Topic: Stam Interview on BBCRB
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Re: Stam Interview on BBCRB

I'm with Stam on this one. How can you not be concerned? How long is it taking to sign Ilori? I'm assuming potential Chinese owners having to put up some form of promise for the money pre-takeover. Why have they not taken over yet? Are they fit and proper (probably not given they've failed this test...
by royal_rumble
13 Sep 2016 15:13
Forum: The Team
Topic: Are The Youngsters Being Frozen Out?
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Re: Are The Youngsters Being Frozen Out?

Surely a better case in point is Dom Samuel. He is now back to fitness after a good run in pre-season, yet can't even make the bench... even with the shortage of options up top.
by royal_rumble
27 Jul 2016 10:13
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Next seasons kit choice?
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Re: Next seasons kit choice?

That away kit is HORRID!!!!
by royal_rumble
21 Jun 2016 15:10
Forum: The Team
Topic: Eamonn Dolan RIP
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Re: Eamonn Dolan RIP

Integral part of the club for so many years, and seemed like a real nice guy. RIP.
by royal_rumble
21 Jun 2016 12:31
Forum: The Team
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Re: Tshibola to leave?

Not happy if true, the kind of player we need to keep hold of. Young and hungry. I suppose he will be replaced with another cheapo deal from the Polish league?!
by royal_rumble
04 May 2016 16:29
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Comments by Charles Watts on Twitter
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Re: Comments by Charles Watts on Twitter

If it is true, then surely it's not his place (as an official Reading FC reporter for GetReading) to announce this type of news. Id say its exactly his place to report what he has, how he has. I would agree it is his place had it been official news that was being announced, e.g. "During recent...
by royal_rumble
13 Apr 2016 08:22
Forum: The Team
Topic: Post Mortem - McShane v Williams
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Re: Post Mortem

For someone who isn't a fan of loan signings, he sure does like to play them! Not sure why Brian isn't giving the youngsters a chance; the season is over. If we had got turned over so easily by Birmingham with some youth players involved, I wouldn't really have had a problem with that. These guys ha...
by royal_rumble
12 Apr 2016 23:15
Forum: The Team
Topic: Dellor moaning about Vydra again!!!
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Re: Dellor moaning about Vydra again!!!

Dellor highlighting how poor Vydra has been is entirely justifable. In the context of our club's historical outlays for players, he has been one of our biggest signings. His performances should be scrutinised and possibly the signing itself. And as for no other options? I remember playing Cox up top...
by royal_rumble
05 Feb 2016 12:05
Forum: The Team
Topic: BM Emotion
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Re: BM Emotion

Armadillo Roadkill wrote:Keep a single defeat in perspective.

But keep 8 points from a possible thirty in perspective also - that's bøllocks and everyone should be angry, not unemotional.


Terrible form and really not acceptable.

It's time to start getting fired up and wanting to drag ourselves out of this slump.
by royal_rumble
19 Jan 2016 18:40
Forum: The Team
Topic: Something wrong at the club?
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Re: Something wrong at the club?

As I understand it the Posh chairman said (on Twitter) that another club were in for Conor Washington, and then pulled out in favour of a Polish striker, on the orders of foreign owner. :roll: That could apply to most Championship clubs these days. He didn't respond when someone asked if it was Rea...
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