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by Delboy
11 Dec 2018 11:22
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Manchester Utd (a) - FA Cup
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Re: Manchester Utd (a) - FA Cup

With our current form and getting easily beaten last time 2000 max
by Delboy
05 Dec 2018 19:24
Forum: The Team
Topic: Nigel Howe appointed new CEO
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Re: Nigel Howe appointed new CEO

Great news
by Delboy
03 Dec 2018 21:41
Forum: The Team
Topic: FA cup 3rd round draw
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Re: FA cup 3rd round draw

Be great if club did free coaches like city away a few years ago
by Delboy
03 Dec 2018 08:05
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Green Park
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Green Park

It took me an hour to get out of green Park Saturday after the game, the roundabout by Costco was closed, diversion in place, anyone know why ?
by Delboy
12 Nov 2018 16:17
Forum: The Team
Topic: The very latest in Clement In/Out Polls
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Re: The very latest in Clement In/Out Polls

by Delboy
11 Oct 2018 12:01
Forum: The Team
Topic: Teams to be Relegated 18-19
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Re: Teams to be Relegated 18-19

Bolton, Rotherham, Hull
by Delboy
09 Oct 2018 07:20
Forum: The Team
Topic: Gourlay
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Re: Gourlay

Yes they were thinking about it, did not know how to contact the Chinese. I suggested they speak to sir john he would know
by Delboy
08 Oct 2018 11:47
Forum: The Team
Topic: Gourlay
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Re: Gourlay

I emailed Star two weeks ago suggesting they write direct to the Chinese. Making sure not to criticise them but how the club is currently run and managed
by Delboy
22 Sep 2018 11:07
Forum: The Team
Topic: Clement
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Re: Clement

Lose against Hull at home will he be sacked, we have a big squad he can not keep making excuses ! Did not win any pre season games, only won 1 in 8 league games, no clean sheets.
by Delboy
02 Sep 2018 10:35
Forum: The Team
Topic: Who can save us
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Who can save us

The whole club is in crisis, Sir Johns legacy is slowly eroding. The only way forward is someone to speak and influence the Chinese owners to get rid of Gourlay and bring in some one who cares about the club . Not sure if Sir John or anyone else has that influence, but they must be losing a fortune.
by Delboy
23 Aug 2018 08:14
Forum: The Team
Topic: McShane
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Cost us a point against Bolton , 2points last night, if Ilori not fit need another solution , he is not up to championship level any more
by Delboy
19 Aug 2018 08:34
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Bolton
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Re: BFTG - Bolton

Need Howe and Hammond back asap club lost its way badly
by Delboy
05 Aug 2018 12:03
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Idiots in Holiday Inn Car Park
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Re: Idiots in Holiday Inn Car Park

Cowards hope they we caught on cctv we do NOT want you at RFC f-ck off
by Delboy
03 Aug 2018 08:29
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Royal Elm Park
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Re: Royal Elm Park

Rubbish just means they are not ready to start before May next year , huge project takes ages to get consents through . If it was canned it would be because planners turned it down, no news on that front .
by Delboy
31 Jul 2018 18:32
Forum: The Team
Topic: Smallest Attack in Champ
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Re: Smallest Attack in Champ

Le Fondre
All short and legends !
by Delboy
29 Jul 2018 10:03
Forum: The Team
Topic: Vital week
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Vital week

After yesterdays shambles and losing our best player in Moore, this is a crucial week behind the scenes, we need a defender, striker and midfielder if not relegation is staring us in the face. Gourlay do your job spend the Moore money wisely this is a tougher division than last season!!!!
by Delboy
27 Jul 2018 10:33
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Next seasons kit choice?
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Re: Next seasons kit choice?

I like the fact shirts are collared 8/10
by Delboy
09 Jul 2018 07:58
Forum: The Team
Topic: Three at the back
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Three at the back

England have been very successful with 3 at the back should Reading adopt this system, do we have the players ?
by Delboy
23 May 2018 09:55
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Season Tickets 18/19 - Renewal Deadline 5pm on Monday 2nd July 2018.
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Re: Season Tickets 18/19 - Renewal Deadline 5pm on Monday 2nd July 2018.

Renewed for myself and grandson, you will always get good and bad seasons with all clubs (except top 6 in Prem ) always a true supporter URZ, great prices well done RFC.
by Delboy
11 May 2018 16:37
Forum: The Team
Topic: Released
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Re: Released

this is only players out of contract those put up for sale are in june I think
It is currently 11 Dec 2018 22:41