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by bagman
12 Sep 2015 12:10
Forum: The Team
Topic: Aaron Tshibola
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Re: Aaron Tshibola

Thought he controlled the game, and recovered well from making the initial mistake that led to their goal, although MacShane had 2 chances to recover. Hope he starts against Derby, but what about Williams? Clarke has challenges all across midfield and attack on who he leaves out. What a change !
by bagman
13 Aug 2015 18:19
Forum: The Team
Topic: Eamonn Dolan - Get Well Soon
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Re: Eamonn Dolan - Get Well Soon

Eamonn has worked tirelessly supporting the development of youngsters coming through the Academy, both all those who progressed to professional status and even premiership, and those who did not make it. For him it has been as important to help those that needed to find an alternative path as those ...
by bagman
20 Jul 2015 14:45
Forum: The Team
Topic: The Academy/Development squads watch thread 2015//16
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Re: The Academy/Development squads watch thread 2014/15

Teddy Howe is Nigel's son ( that must be a first ) and he's decent player ( Teddy that is )
by bagman
23 May 2015 12:17
Forum: The Team
Topic: Bibbo and Armstrong gone?
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Re: Bibbo and Armstrong gone?

As the Captain of the Titanic said as he left Belfast " I don't need any help from the useless bastards who helped build this ship, I am the man ! "
by bagman
14 Feb 2015 11:42
Forum: The Team
Topic: Games You Wish You Hadn't Missed
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Re: Games You Wish You Hadn't Missed

Simod Cup Final. I was working in Brazil. Called home to get the result. My wife said sorry Luton won. Shit, got to go I said. Haven't finished she added. Luton one Reading four ! Smart arse !!
by bagman
27 Oct 2011 15:58
Forum: The Team
Topic: Protest against EPPP
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Re: Protest against EPPP

The main reason for achieving Category 1 status is that any other (Premier) club will be prohibited from signing players we have developed (unless the clubs agree to a non-tribunal determined fee). All other categories do not have this protection. So for Reading it is a simlpe cost v benefit analysi...
by bagman
10 Oct 2011 18:29
Forum: The Team
Topic: Blooding Youngsters - When is the right time?
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Re: Blooding Youngsters - When is the right time?

Under 18's beat Villa 4-0 without 4 regular first choices and with Villa playing 3 over age players ( max allowed) as they always want to beat Reading who they regard as a yardstick. Just as significantly the under 16's also won 4-0 But don't rush them. Our youngest ever players were Peter Castle an...
by bagman
20 Jun 2011 10:19
Forum: The Team
Topic: Reading Legends. #1. Leo Roget.
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Re: Reading Legends. #1. Leo Roget.

Pat Terry broke his leg at Bournemouth and played the whole of 2nd half.
by bagman
19 May 2011 18:56
Forum: The Team
Topic: Its our right
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Its our right

Under English law the Swan is a protected bird, and only the ROYALS have a right to kill them !! Come on URZZZZZS.
by bagman
13 Apr 2011 17:16
Forum: The Team
Topic: Final 12 Games
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Re: Final 12 Games

*8 8 8 8 !!!
by bagman
18 Mar 2011 01:09
Forum: The Team
Topic: Cardiff punishment
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Re: Cardiff punishment

Sorry but its 3 - Wrexham. But the whole argument is valid as to why the Football League does not have a unified disciplinary process. It may have been mentioned before , but what is of great significance is that the timing of the hearing ( much later than ours) was AFTER Cardiff's run of games agai...
by bagman
14 Mar 2011 19:52
Forum: The Team
Topic: Alex McCarthy No.1
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Re: Alex McCarthy No.1

Considering he has had a different back 4 in almost all his 1st team games I think he has been brilliant. All young goal keepers will make mistakes, so for once be tolerant because I believe we have a real gem on our hands !
by bagman
13 Jan 2011 17:46
Forum: The Team
Topic: Another young goal keeper
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Re: Another young goal keeper

I understand only 6 go.
by bagman
06 Jan 2011 20:17
Forum: The Team
Topic: Brian Mcdermott contract
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Re: Brian Mcdermott contract

It does not need to be renewed. It " ROLLS " until its stopped.
by bagman
26 Oct 2010 18:51
Forum: The Team
Topic: WTF is Gozie Ugwu?
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Re: WTF is Gozie Ugwu?

Pity Stevie's dead now!
by bagman
29 Sep 2010 19:31
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: The club WANT to sell Kebe
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Re: The club WANT to sell Kebe

Tony Pulis was at the game and left as soon as Jimmy was substituted. Nuff said!
by bagman
26 Sep 2010 20:05
Forum: The Team
Topic: double kebes money now
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Re: Is kebe next?

Jimmy is out of contract in 18 months, and we are never going to pay him the wages that would keep him. Selling in January is therefore necessary to maximise his value. Unfortunate but thats where we are at know!
by bagman
04 Jul 2010 16:53
Forum: The Team
Topic: Injured Players
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Re: Injured Players

The first team no longer use the "bleep test" where anything over 15 would be an outstanding score. The bleep test requires continuous movement, and they have replaced it with the Y test which is basically the same with 20 metre runs and turns, but with a 5sec rest at the end of each leg. ...
by bagman
24 Jun 2010 18:56
Forum: The Team
Topic: Graham Kemp
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Re: Graham Kemp

I think the goalie was Colin Court, but I don't know who he was signed from.
by bagman
16 Jun 2010 17:01
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Mikkel Andersen to leave?
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Re: Mikkel Andersen to leave?

Will do when he's ready for 1st team.
It is currently 24 Sep 2018 11:50