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The Cap
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Re: Oxford - Reading

by The Cap » 13 Sep 2017 19:55

Doing 'ends' or 'sides'. Think you'll find that a lot of the 'taking' has happened away from the reddy eye. Mind you, So'ton got dispatched from the Tilehurst End back in the day. And the game hadn't even started.

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Re: Oxford - Reading

by boycey » 14 Sep 2017 10:58

Hard to take an end while you've got some thermos holder behind you saying "si'down" every time you stand up.

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Nessa From Eldorado
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Re: Oxford - Reading

by Nessa From Eldorado » 14 Sep 2017 12:24

boycey wrote:http://yellowsforum.co.uk/thread/25720/reading

interesting little read

FWIW, would love a tussle with the Oxford chaps again
dust off the old SI jumper and get amongst them

Interesting read. As an aside, it always surprises me how many Reading there are in South Oxon compared to Oxford.

Remember Oxford taking their revenge for the Bullivant/Brit/John Radcliffe massacre by smashing Reading to pieces on the A33 a couple of years later. Would be nice to play them again.

Tony Le Mesmer
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Re: Oxford - Reading

by Tony Le Mesmer » 14 Sep 2017 15:45

Aldershot is the only place I went to with Reading and felt genuinely hated. Its was this game in 1989. Away terrace way over capacity, I remember being hardly able to lift my arms at times and that scaring me more than the threat of getting a slap.

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Mr Optimist
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Re: Oxford - Reading

by Mr Optimist » 14 Sep 2017 16:11

That 1989 game was all a bit of a pissed up blur after getting wasted at that pub by North Camp station beforehand. I think that was the same day that "Ratty" booted some Aldershot bloke off a scooter as he rode past giving it the biggun.

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