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Re: Charlie Watts - great journo

by Hound » 10 Aug 2017 11:19

Only one Trevor Morley wrote:Charles Watts managed to get a fantastic source and that was Brian Tevreden - Brian obviously liked Watts a lot and I note the exclusive interviews with him were still conducted by Watts even when he had moved on to do his Arsenal thing.

I remember Liam Moore tweeting him when he said he was leaving the post saying he knew more about his transfer saga than Moore did and that was down to Brian.

It seems to me that J-LOW hasn't been able to nurture the same relationship and I suspect the arrival of Ron Gourlay has made us more circumspect just as we were under Hammond...

I think the stuff directed at Jonathan Low is uncalled for. Its clearly been a steep learning curve and being the reporter for the local club comnes with a level of exposure which is different to just being a wider journo on a local rag. Recent stuff has been much better. The inexcusable mangling of language has gone. I think what is missing is the ability to think more laterally to develop a story - I'd be all over the down grading of Madjeski story if I was him (Madjeski never one to shy away from a quote) or trying to get Ron to do an interview about his thoughts for the club). Or getting Lee Herron to do an interview on how the academy is developing and his thoughts on the new players coming through.... rather than just waiting for the latest twitter rumour to pop up.

This seems very fair. mentioned about the Tevreden/Watts thing - was slightly weird how when Watts came back to do the P/O final it was accompanied by an exclusive Tevreden interview, and mentioned it at the time.

I think you're right in that if BT isn't being so open with him, he needs to find a new angle. Can't see Stam being particularly open with him on transfers, though he did do a couple of good interviews with him in Holland. Academy would be a good start

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