Promotion: Yea or Nay

Are Reading FC getting promoted this year

Ian Royal
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Re: Promotion: Yea or Nay

by Woodcote Royal » 11 Jan 2017 18:34

It isn't just about the huge windfall of one season in the Premiership, it's also the four years of parachute payments without which it's almost impossible to consistently challenged at the right end of the table.

Getting promoted once every four years is now essential

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Re: Promotion: Yea or Nay

by mumbo-jumbo » 11 Jan 2017 18:41

Now I'm not a massive fan of the Premier League as I think it's full of over paid, diving w....ers on the whole and , not withstanding last season which was extraordinary, will always be dominated by the top five clubs. Ticket prices are not family friendly and results are generally too predictable for my liking. The Premier League to me feels like it has lost it's 'soul'

However, if we don't go up this season we will lose Jaap, Moore, Swift, McCleary to name but a few, because they ARE good enough to be operating there.

I enjoy the Champ, but only when we're doing well, and without our keys team members that will be hard to achieve and maintain. Doing badly in the Prem or badly in the Champ..I'd choose the Prem

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Re: Promotion: Yea or Nay

by Top Flight » 11 Jan 2017 19:52

I enjoy it whether we're doing good or bad.

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