BFTG Sunderland

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Re: BFTG Sunderland

by Pepe the Horseman » 04 Dec 2017 18:54

Hound wrote:State of that - don’t know where to start. Different breed up there, they really are

Agreed. Two chocolates out of his advent calendar? No self control.

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Re: BFTG Sunderland

by AthleticoSpizz » 04 Dec 2017 18:56

RoyalBlue wrote:
Hendo wrote:
Fox Talbot wrote:
Scott Howie? He got subbed at HT at Wycombe when we were getting minced. Last time I saw a keeper get the hook. Mind you, prolly to save him from the Reading fans behind the goal.

Didn't say it was a perfect list by any means, just pretty good. SH played over 100 games for the club to give him credit.

He got absolutely crucified in a disgraceful manner by some of our so-called fans at Wycombe that day. The treatment was verging on inhumane. I would have felt sorry for the guy even if he had been playing for a team against us. He showed amazing mental toughness to come back from that, put it behind him and develop into a very good keeper.

Going back earlier on the list you can add Shaka Hislop, Steve Mautone, Steve Francis and Steve Death.
Feds....despite the odd calamity was decent (scored a goal or two as well) and Nicky Hammond wasn’t that shabby either.....Gary Westwood shared some of our good times...plenty of decent loanees too! (Tommy Wright etc)

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Re: BFTG Sunderland

by RoyalBlue » 04 Dec 2017 19:59

Pepe the Horseman wrote:
Hound wrote:State of that - don’t know where to start. Different breed up there, they really are

Agreed. Two chocolates out of his advent calendar? No self control.

To be honest, he doesn't appear too bad a bloke in the interview they've done with him. Not the complete and utter arse I expected.

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Re: BFTG Sunderland

by John Smith » 05 Dec 2017 09:18

Lower West wrote:
John Smith wrote:What a win. Could see it coming though. Anyone thinking Coleman was going to turn around that crock of shit straight away must be dreaming - they've got huge issues. Bring on Cardiff

With 11 vs 11 could have been a very different second half.

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Re: BFTG Sunderland

by Forbury Lion » 05 Dec 2017 09:48

genome wrote:I remember Phil Whitehead making an absolute howler at home to Peterborough in I think 2002, or 03? Where he kind of threw it in the net
All I remember of Phil Whitehead was the hissy fit he threw (and the gloves he threw) in the warmup after the crowd cheered new permanent signing, Marcus Hahnemann.

To be fair, I can understand why he wouldn't have been happy at some American coming in and taking his job.

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Re: BFTG Sunderland

by genome » 05 Dec 2017 10:12

Pepe the Horseman wrote:Poog8 fan gives his side of the story ... i-11638099

He said he had only eaten two chocolates from his advent calendar before drinking 12 bottles of beer and six pints of fruit cider on the day of the match.

In the original Mirror article about this, their "source" was direct quotes from a poster on Sunderland's forum, which made me lol.

I think we should try and create a story on here, make it go viral, and try and get Hobnob in the Daily Mail.

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Re: BFTG Sunderland

by biff » 05 Dec 2017 13:18

Met a couple of gents from 'boro at half time. If you're on here, it was lovely chatting mate, keep your chin up. (I was the fanny struggling with his hotdog. oioi.)

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