Wot no Africa Cup Of Nations thread?

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Winston Smith
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Wot no Africa Cup Of Nations thread?

by Winston Smith » 20 Jan 2017 16:25

yeah I have not been watching it either.

4 groups of 4:

Cameroon, Burkina FAso, Gabon, Guinnea-Bissau
Senegal, Tunisia, Algeria, Zimbabwe
Morocco, Togo, DR Congo, Ivory Coast
Ghana, Egypt, Mali, Uganda

Senegal the only team through to the QF so far. Ivory Coast Vs DR Congo starts at 4:00. DR Condo top the group after beating Morocco and Ivory Coast only drew with Togo and are in 2nd place.

Only real surprise so far is Algeria struggling after drawing with Zimmy and losing to Tunisia

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Re: Wot no Africa Cup Of Nations thread?

by Green » 20 Jan 2017 16:49

:arrow: International Football forum

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From Despair To Where?
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Re: Wot no Africa Cup Of Nations thread?

by From Despair To Where? » 02 Feb 2017 10:06

No insane Cameroonian centre backs beatIng up stretcher bearers so very little to pique my interest in the ACoN this year, I'm afraid.

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Re: Wot no Africa Cup Of Nations thread?

by Sutekh » 14 Feb 2017 15:45

Was there a tournament in Africa then? Didn't notice it anywhere, didn't even notice any TV channels that had coverage (they probably did on Eurosport or somewhere but who watches that)

They really should move it back to the summer so it can pique more interest and stop screwing up clubs progress in various league competitions.

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