Where in the world??

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Where in the world??

by Flyingkiwi » 21 Oct 2017 17:31

Where, in the world, have you watched league or cup football?

I'm a regular attendee at Chinese football matches (Mainly Beijing Guoan & Beijing Beikong but have also attended games at almost every other Super League venue). I've seen J League games, a V League game and even went over to South Korea a few months ago to watched a match there. I've also seen A League matches and, of course, have seen RFC play at every level except Premiership. I also watched Barcelona play a friendly at the Camp Nou in September (Not League or Cup, I admit, but I'm counting it).

What about you?

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Re: Where in the world??

by Brum Royal » 08 Nov 2017 10:48

A group of us used to try and do an international football long weekend once or twice a year, but since most of the group are now married or have kids it's not happened for a few years. I've been to games at:

Italy: San Siro - Inter Milan

Spain: Bernabeu, Villareal v Schteve McLaren's FC Twente (Europa League), Camp Nou - a week long driving holiday across Spain with a mate, book ended by long weekends in Madrid and Barcelona.

Germany: Olympic Stadium, Berlin - Hertha v Wolfsburg

Sweden: Assyryska - Stockholm - on a stag do we decided to go to a game but the top division was off as it was an international break. Ended up going to see the Syrian immigrant team play in the second tier of the Swedish league on the outskirts of Stockholm. Great fun, a ground a bit like Crewe, one massive stand dwarfing the other three fairly small terraces

Ireland: Cork City v Drogheda - Joe Gamble played

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