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Re: ArsenaLOL

by Ascotexgunner » 12 Aug 2018 16:34

Weird innit, put Sterling in an England shirt and he can't hit a barn door. Put him in a Citeh shirt and he's lethal.

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Re: ArsenaLOL

by Snowflake Royal » 12 Aug 2018 17:38

Dream is overstating it a little and losing to City isn't the greatest benchmark, but good to know.

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Re: ArsenaLOL

by Old Man Andrews » 13 Aug 2018 08:58

bobby1413 wrote:
Snowflake Royal wrote:My view is also coloured by that FA Cup semi where on the way I encountered an alchi racist who tried to claim we'd never been to Wembley before, and then on the way back some graceless hag who thought that narrowly beating Reading in extra time was some sort of gloatworthy great achievement.
Never really encountered any individuals acting pcunty and billy big bollox on the way to or from games before. Generally we're all just footie fans having a laugh or a chat.

Yes I also experienced/witnessed a lot of gloating too after that game. The 7-5 loss at home also didn't help!

It's hard to explain but every Arsenal fan I seem to know seems to be the same character. Just so far away from other football fans it's unreal. No real understanding of football from a fans perspective.

The fact they arrive late, leave early, the whole ArseneOut thing...

Everything about them seems image driven and an air of perfection. The shirt, the fancy padded seats at the ground. Just everything is just off.

People call us and Fulham the Waitrose type middle class fans. I'd say Arsenal are better contenders

Yeah Arsenal fans are the absolute worst in football by some margin. Entitled, ungrateful and arrogant people normally. They are completely unbearable on social media too.

I remember when we played them in the FA Cup semi and their fans were completely silent for the whole thing, not even slightly arsed by it all as if it was beneath them. Horrible club and horrible support.

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