How long does Clement have?

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Re: How long does Clement have?

by Snowflake Royal » 08 Oct 2018 10:00

Old Man Andrews
Snowflake Royal Yeah.

Adkins: 50/50 not convinced it was that bad and he was scapegoated for Anton's mess. We hadn't spent years proving sackings didn't work though.
Clarke: Position untenable. His success was built on Blackman being in the form of his life which had already ended too, we were nose diving
McDermott2: Dreadful decision unless there were big behind the scenes issues
Stam: Position untenable. Huge difference in results between seasons, awful inflexible style putting needless pressure on us with no drive to score.

Clement may still be getting shit results, but he's changed the style to one that involves trying to win and not playing the game in our own box. It is the players that are letting us down and many of Clements signings look like our best players. Plus the weight of years of underperformance and losing now present a huge amount of inertia to turn around compared to that facing those who went before.

So you'd like us to sack the players then?

God, wouldn't that be fantastic.

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