World Cup 2018

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World Cup 2018

by Sutekh » 27 Jul 2015 13:05

England, Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Malta and Scotland

Only the winners qualify for sure, runners up go into a play off and could end up playing France, Netherlands or Portugal.

So will England be able to beat Scotland...?

Nice also to finally get Malta in group qualification for the first time in 45 years or so.

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Re: World Cup 2018

by Nameless » 27 Jul 2015 14:22

Amusing to see the Scots getting excited about it whilst no one in England cares at all.
Decent enough group. As usual England should make it through in order to then let us down in the proper competition.

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Re: World Cup 2018

by Will95 » 05 Dec 2015 14:30

Hopefully I'll actually make it to Lithuania this campaign, a return to lovely Slovenia and new trips to Malta and Slovakia, plus another trip up to the Jocks. Decent group.

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Re: World Cup 2018

by VOR » 06 Dec 2015 10:22

Could be trickier than it looks. Jocks will probably play above themselves against us and Slovakia are a rising force. Better to meet a higher ranked maybe past their peak (e.g. Switzerland) than a lower ranked team on the up.

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