Meaningless Stats and Trivia from 2017/18 - 1

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Meaningless Stats and Trivia from 2017/18 - 1

by strap » 12 May 2018 15:37

Well the sun disappeared almost as soon as I'd suggested I would start this thread when I got bored and the weather turned, so here we go.

First off is a look at our goal attempts this season, and see if any conclusions whatsoever may be drawn. During the season I have copied the Press Association text match "commentaries" that are provided by the BBC and Sporting Life, and regularised each entry to allow them to be manipulated into something a bit more useful. If the image below is too large to be fully visible I think it is possible to right click on it and download it as a JPG, which I am told cannot be tampered with by nasty hackers, so you should be safe to do so if so inclined.


What struck me immediately was that Sone Aluko had more shots this season than anyone else. The issue of course is that only 5% of his shots resulted in goals. Also of interest was Joseph Mendes having a shot every 30 minutes he was on the field, with Sam Smith just behind on a shot every 37 mins. Bodvarsson and Kermorgant were 3rd in that list at a shot every 40 minutes.

I only have this data for the last 2 seasons, so added the summary from 2016/17 as comparison. Kermorgant last season had a total of 112 shots and was on the field for 3556 minutes, giving a minutes per shot ration of 31.75 mins.

No agenda to push here, merely summarising information to while away the non-football months.

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Re: Meaningless Stats and Trivia from 2017/18 - 1

by Sutekh » 12 May 2018 17:20


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Re: Meaningless Stats and Trivia from 2017/18 - 1

by Double d v2 » 13 May 2018 22:19


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Re: Meaningless Stats and Trivia from 2017/18 - 1

by Jonny Royal » 13 May 2018 22:51

Nice work Strap. Impressive stats but it just highlights how crap we really were. Sack the lot of them and let's start again.
In all my years supporting the Royals, this has been by far the most depressing and frustrating season...

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