MATCHWATCH : Croatia (n) sponsored by two big badges

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Re: MATCHWATCH : Croatia (n) sponsored by two big badges

by Old Man Andrews » 13 Jul 2018 11:14

LUX wrote:why was Loftus Cheek not used more often? He did not play at all after the Group games. I thought he made a difference/made things happen. Should have come on for Lingard IMO.

Agreed. I thouht we lost our dynamism when Sterling went off, he was still causing problems. Should have brought RLC on for Lingard to hold up the ball and play the through balls on to Kane/Sterling.

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Re: MATCHWATCH : Croatia (n) sponsored by two big badges

by TheSpread » 13 Jul 2018 11:26

It goes back to my point about Southgate being too loyal to the players in the starting XI.

RLC should have come on in that Semi-final. For Lingard or Alli.

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Re: MATCHWATCH : Croatia (n) sponsored by two big badges

by Victor Meldrew » 13 Jul 2018 14:17

Hoop Blah wrote:A decent enough performance last night but ultimately we fell a little shy of the mark in both boxes and came up short when the pressure was on.

It's been a good tournament, not only for our progress, but for the way the interest in football and the national team has been reinvigorated. I don't think we can ignore the fact that we had an easier route during this tournament (I still maintain we played just as well against Italy and Uruguay in Brazil 4 years ago as we did this year) but everything around the side seems so much more positive, and that's a great thing.

Southgate has put together a squad of decent players and turned them into a team, and that's been sadly lacking for too long now. Add in some of those players who were missing from this squad and those coming through over the next year or so and it really does feel like there's a good side and a bright future ahead of us.
Probably like those in most countries

On your point about" interest has been reinvigorated."
Probably in most countries around the world people love the opportunity of winning.
Look at the London Olympics or Andy Murray or Anthony Joshua-people become united in the quest for victory and when that has come and gone and the flags and hats put away what happens next?
It all goes quiet again and in the case of the London Olympics and post-Murray tennis there is no follow-on.

The big hope for the English national football team is that this new-found belief in bringing in younger and less experienced players is the way it is going to be-I get the feeling that , particularly with football, there won't be so many selections based on reputation.
Gareth may have fallen a little into that trap the other night by keeping Young, Ali and Lingard on the pitch and even possibly Kane.
It is understandable that he would be cautious about making changes-imagine the furore if he had taken Kane off and we lost (remember Graham Taylor subbing golden boy Lineker)-as he is still fairly new in the job and has had only limited experience as a manager in club football.

I don't believe he had a squad anywhere nearly good enough to win a World Cup-Trippier and Walker may be quick but are poor defenders, John Stones thinks he is Beckenbauer but isn't, Ashley Young (vision and I have discussed right-footed left-backs in the past) is too right-footed, as is Ali and when both of those play wide left it is not that effective.
Obvious successes were Pickford and Maguire who will surely be there , injuries permitting, when the next World Cup come around,plus probably Ali and Kane and a few fringe players might step up especially if their names are double-barelled. :wink:

So IMHO about 7/10 with the team as a whole surpassing itself,but we do badly need stronger defenders and a midfielder or two with the ability to create chances in open play as scoring from set-pieces will not be quite so easy when we have to play the better teams.

Is there a real tide turn towards the national team or was it just a temporary nationalistic feelgood factor (like the Olympics) for a few weeks when so many (apparently )feel let down by our government not doing enough to enact what they voted for with Brexit?

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Re: MATCHWATCH : Croatia (n) sponsored by two big badges

by BR0B0T » 13 Jul 2018 18:13

^^^ this is why I believe team spirit doesn't really exist

just response to outside stimuli be it positive or negative

then confirmation bias >>> then Gabby Logan etc having to fill time looking to explain something without putting any thought into it

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