Reading Weekend Post, Friday December 8 1995 Challenge: chairman makes offer after row over 'rubbish' ideas

YOU can design a new Royals badge

Reading Football Club chairman John Madejski has thrown down a challenge to supporters: "Design the new club badge yourselves".

Royals fans have been given a chance to dream up their own designs after branding the current five efforts "rubbish".

Mr Madejski said: "I am very happy to give fans this opportunity. If there is something really outstanding it would certainly be considered."

But the multi-millionaire chairman ruled out a return to the Elm Tree design.

He said: "We really need a design to take us into the 21st Century. We want something dynamic to take us forward not [to] take us back."

Graham Loader, editor of the Internet unofficial Royals fanzine Hob Nob Anyone?, welcomed the move. He said: "The point raised, concerning a fans design competition, is a very good one. The best of these badges should be chosen instead of the current five designs and the remainder of supporters should vote on these."

Mike Crone, a member of the Yorkshire Royals Supporters Club, said: "I wish to voice my opposition to all five designs. Surely there is no point in asking the fans to choose when all five designs are fundamentally the same. I would suggest an open competition, which would be followed by a referendum."

Brian Smith said: "None of the badges bears any relation to a football club and would make it look like an American football squad or a synchronised swimming team."


"You should question the mentality of a club that spend money on having this rubbish designed."

Ian Devlin said all the designs were incredible failures. "They fail to encapsulkate both the name and tradition of the club", he said.

Season ticket holder Tony Towers said: "In a country brought up on Blue Peter competitions a much better idea would be to get people to submit their own designs."