Come On You Royals - A New Unofficial Song

A new unofficial club song is being released this month (February 2006). We've received a copy of the CD and the press release that follows below. The song will be avilable to buy from 27th February 2006, with a percentage of profits going directly to Reading FC through Hob Nob Anyone?

These three lads have been gigging, doing the pubs and clubs up and down the country. At a chance meeting at one of the pubs, they met blind singer TONY FROST who had just finished his show, whilst talking, the subject got around to football - who are the best players and best teams - somebody said Reading don't stand a chance staying at the top as they will fade as they have done in the past, TONY shouted them down - no way, they have got what it takes this season, with Coppell at the helm! To shout them down even more he started to sing, COME ON YOU ROYALS, COME ON YOU BLUES. The next day in the studio Tony decided to put the track down. Tony asked The Biscuit Boys if they would like to be on the track with him, YES was the answer.

Come On Your Royals
The Biscuit Boys featuring Tony Frost

Please note that this is an unofficial song and is not produced or distributed by Hob Nob Anyone?
For further details please contact GOL-DON.MUSIC@NTLWORLD.COM


Come on you Royals! Come on you blues!
Give it your heart and soul!
Come on you Royals! Come on you blues!
Give us another goal!
Come on! Let's have another goal!

1. This is Stevey Coppell's year,
the writing's on the wall;
they know the match is all sewn up if Kitson's on the ball.

they are The Royals! they know no fear!
we sing it loud! we sing it clear!


2. When they get out on the pitch,
you'll see what they're about;
The Royals will give it all they've got,
there isn't any doubt;
rain or shine, they play to win;
you won't catch them giving in.

3. Take a look at Lita seems there's just no stopping him!
and there goes Kevin Doyle, he can really bang 'em in!
all around, our voices ring!
everyone can hear us sing!
[repeat chorus twice],
come on we need another goal!
come on let's have another goal!
come on! give us another goal!

By kind permission of Gol-Don Music/PXM Publishing

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