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by russyb
12 Aug 2009 17:38
Forum: The Team
Topic: Carling Cup 2nd Round Draw
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Re: Carling Cup 2nd Round Draw

Saints at home , Murty and pards
by russyb
11 Aug 2009 16:02
Forum: The Team
Topic: REFWATCH: Burton
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Anyone know who the ref is tonight?
by russyb
05 Aug 2009 19:48
Forum: The Team
Topic: RFC vs Nottingham Forest FC 8th August - Predictions.
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Re: Nottingham Forest prediction thread

Is anyone else absoluely petrifed and excited at the same time. I can't wait but i do worry about whether we can hack the nitty gritty of championship. Anyway Prediction 2-1 either way its so difficult to predict.
by russyb
26 Jul 2009 11:05
Forum: The Team
Topic: Could we be involved in a relegation battle?
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Re: Could we be involved in a relegation battle?

Don't real agree fully with what your saying STRAP.

for one thing lots of youngsters went out on loan some to championship clubs and received rave reviews from those clubs etc perfomed well and held their places in those teams often winning motm awards etc.
by russyb
17 Jul 2009 15:47
Forum: The Team
Topic: Sshh! It's how we operate.
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Re: Sshh! It's how we operate.

and wasn't it mentioned somewhere how well BR had transformed some of the watford players in the short space of time he was there? so it bodes well for the devlopment of our players maybe....
by russyb
16 Jul 2009 08:28
Forum: The Team
Topic: Didcot Town AWAY Wec 15 July 2009 KO 7.30pm
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Re: Didcot Town AWAY Wec 15 July 2009 KO 7.30pm

i would like if possible someone to do player ratings etc, much appreciated
by russyb
30 Jun 2009 12:38
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: SPECULATION - Simon Cox
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i was dissapointed to see cox go and thought he could do a job for us, thought he would have stayed and Long at the time would have been the one to go out on Loan or leave, but so be it. As for Church he did a good job, people have to remember that in the Burnley game he was played out of position t...
by russyb
26 Jun 2009 14:37
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: New Kit - Rate the kit POLL ADDED
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Re: New Home Kit 09/10

looking more forward to the new away kit, supposed to be green isn't it?
by russyb
26 Jun 2009 14:23
Forum: The Team
Topic: Seven Subs
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Re: Seven Subs

Thanks Dirk.

reckon it would be worth the risk for a couple of youngsters on the bench for the experience then too
by russyb
26 Jun 2009 13:58
Forum: The Team
Topic: Seven Subs
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Seven Subs

Correct me if i am wrong or if it has been mentioned elswhere.... but are the championship and other league clubs having 7 subs available for the forthcoming season same as the premiership. obviously still only 3 can be used, but could be interesting which players would fill the places etc. thought ...
by russyb
18 Jul 2008 08:31
Forum: The Team
Topic: Kitson signs for Stoke for £5.5 million
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Re: Rumour - Kitson to Wigan/Stoke

i think we will miss him big time, he holds ball up well has reasonable skill for a big man and defends well at corners too, we are going to need a tall replacement of the same sort of player.
by russyb
14 Jul 2008 11:14
Forum: The Team
Topic: Back from the game
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Re: Back from the game

thought convey was good and maybe this season we will see alot of him, set up a great weighted ball for Sigurasson to score. His free kick would most likley have been saved by a better keeper. Thing there will be a few more chants of OLE OLE convey next season. Interesting to see Pearce in midfield ...
by russyb
11 Jul 2008 15:31
Forum: The Team
Topic: One for the ladies or the SROT lot...Coppell half-naked...
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Re: One for the ladies or the SROT lot...Coppell half-naked...

one on the left is frank the other is Ian i work with them both and they are both brentford supporters!! :)
by russyb
15 Apr 2007 15:23
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Hospitality Area In The East Stand
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i was really angry when i recieved this leaflet yesterday it was the first i had heard of corporate boxes being planned. What people fail to realise is that you won't be moved just 5 rows back it will be at least 14 rows back becasue the people behind row DD the last row affected will not be moved s...
by russyb
03 Oct 2006 20:40
Forum: The Team
Topic: Signing of posters
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i sent a birthday card once for my mate to get it signed and put in a stamped address envelope so they could send it back. plus a covering letter to explain. they sent it back and a fair few first teamers had signed it plus some of the youngsters/reserve team players. so may be worth trying that. to...
by russyb
10 Aug 2006 14:45
Forum: The Team
Topic: Andre Bikey
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i honestly think if we do sign him his mentality can be changed to the way we do things at reading and may be a worthwhile signing certainly as cover for two or three positions.
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