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Re: RFC to become the 4th...

by Forbury Lion » 09 May 2019 11:12

Forbury Lion
Green Is “The league” still a thing in this context, why such a cutoff between division 4 and the conference?

Presumably used to be an amateur/professional thing but those lines are blurred now, as are associations running the things following the formation of the premier league.
Maybe it's a branding thing - "We're the top conference side" may sound better than "We're the top team league 4"....... like the Championship not calling itself Division 2 or League 2 which would be more accurate as it is the second tier.

It does get a bit messy when split out into regions with there being 8 divisions at the 8th tier.

http://www.myfootballfacts.co.uk/englan ... id-system/

If I was a young billionaire, I'd say fcuk buying a Premier League team, I'm going to start a club from scratch and get 10 promotions in a row with the aim of bowing out with the club winning the European Cup. That will be a legacy to remember...... may not happen, but why not give it a go.

Does that apply at tier 10 of the football pyramid? - It's probably easier to start from scratch and create a club with lots of money making assets e.g. land, hotels or even cash at the bank and then sell it off/spend it as and when funds are required.

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