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by Snowflake Royal » 10 Jan 2020 16:05

Old Man Andrews
Westwood52 Just seen on Facebook,fans comparing Pele with Baker.

Different type of player,Baker just controls games,Pele better defensively.

Would love Baker back.Imagine this front six.


Baker Adam Swift

Baldock (or Meite ) Jao

Where is Puscas? The clubs record signing will be playing when he is fit.

With the number of blanks he drew and the regularity of goals from Meite and Joao, that seems rather unjustifiable certain.

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by Royalwaster » 10 Jan 2020 16:06

WestYorksRoyal If we bring Baker back, it would surely be in place of Adam? Very similar skill sets; basically a long term replacement for him.

That formation with Pele, Adam, Swift and Baker is laughably bad and a waste of talent. Players with similar skill sets, no natural pace or width. No Ejaria, who is as good as any of them. This isn't fantasy football.

I've done really well in Football Manager with a 7-man midfield so why shouldn't it work in real life? :D

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