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Re: BFTG - Luton

by URZZZZ » 15 Nov 2019 16:54

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WestYorksRoyal The one thing? He kept us up, he was very likeable and brought positivity back to the club. He helped shift a lot of deadwood out of a bloated, mediocre squad.

He was tactically naive and out of his depth, while his treatment of Gunter and McCleary looks like a big mistake. However, as far as "unsuccessful" managers go, he has played a very important role in what looks like the start of our recovery. Not that I'm questioning the decision to sack him; I was dubious at the time but all subsequently signs show it was the right call.

ah, I mean thats my opinion. I find the other stuff a bit wishy washy. Agreed he brought positivity back, and he certainly gave us a big boost when he came in - but the Fulham and Blackburn games were back to square 1 imo. Awful atmosphere vs Blackburn and turgid football. I actually think there is far more positivity around our current situation.

Also thinks it downplays a little how much of that positivity was brought in by Emi, Nelson, baker and Miazga who were outstanding characters as well as players

Deadwood? I dunno. We got rid of some, but not sure how much it was to do with him tbh. Dumped McNulty, Gunter, GMac, Kelly, Bod, Baldock, Mannone. Aluko and Mannone are back with us, as are G, Gunter and Baldock. The out of contractors were no-brainers. Meyler just shot. Aluko was almost certainly done at Director level, and wasn't actually binned by JG. Debatable whether some of those brought in are much of an upgrade on Bod.

I'm genuinely unclear on how much he had to do with recruitment. Seems his choice to bin people off to the u23, but that seemed to backfire more than anything. It certainly looks like the players didn't agree with sidelining McCleary and Baldock particularly

On the other hand, since he came in we definitely look fitter, stronger and the number of late goals we have scored would also back that up

You could argue Gomes wasn't the one to bring the positivity back, it was the fans and he just happened to coincide as a new manager impetus.

I can't think of a manager who didn't start with positivity and honesty.

I'm not sure you can really credit him there other than being a suave handsome devil.

Disagree with that. He's the first manager I think we've had in a long time to bring that sort of togetherness into the club. I wouldn't put it down just to the fact he's a "new manager" considering we didn't have that sort of togetherness under Clement, Stam, Clarke, Adkins etc

He brought the positivity back through his general demeanour and passion IMO. Judging by the Portuguese day idea etc. He connected with the fans and really understood what the club was about

Unfortunately, however, it was short lived

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Re: BFTG - Luton

by bcubed » 17 Nov 2019 00:37

2 world wars, 1 world cup I was going to write something here but realised I have nothing to add, so I wont.

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