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by Millsy » 14 Dec 2020 14:39

Only doing this because no-one else has yet (that I can see). A couple of days on so might be a bit hazy.

In summary - a well deserved but pyrrhic victory, which is why I suspect there's not as much enthusiasm around here despite the win. Sad times for us.

Rafa - 6 - was fine. Another long shot, beaten for the shot that hit the post but to be fair dived well and may have had it covered had it been on target. Looked comfortable with back passes and drawing opposition in. Clean sheet. Good man.
Esteves - 6 I was surprised to see him start. Didn't do much to improve my opinion of him, still cutting inside so predictably when further up the pitch. Did a job on their pacey left winger though.
Morrison - 7 I thought he had a decent game.
Moore -8 More than decent. Very good performance.
Richards - 7 another great game by the guy. Which of course means he had to go and get injured as the gods are against us this season.
Rino - 6 to be honest I can't fully remember. He had a good game I know that but I'm probably forgetting stuff which would give him more. Drawing fouls as we know (thanks sciag) he is so good at.
Laurent - 8 I thought he was very good. In defence and also running forward. Bags of energy.
Semedo - 6 tried hard but ultimately wasn't that effective.
Ejaria - 7 much-improved performance, still wasted on the wing, but he was much sharper and more willing to make stuff happen. I put 6 at first but thinkign about it I'm going to up it to a 7 because if I'm honest he seemed the only player on the pitch who constantly looked like he might make something happen in a rubbish game.
Aluko - 7 I really can't fault him. Again, if we were to have our memories completely erased we'd be quite happy with this guy, if say we got him for a coupel of million. Unfortunatley for him his transfer fee and previous performances colour perception of him too much, but he worked hard and to me was very good. Much needed player for the squad.
Baldock - 6 Nothing to say really. I'm not sure what he was asked or expected to do. Twice almost got onto the end of balls that would be a certain goal, but didn't. His fault for not reading the game quickly enough? (Puscas would have I think) Or well done for making those runs/opportunities in the first place. I do like him and his attitude though - always positive, always trying to help his team mates even when on the bench. Top guy. I hope it works out for him.

Olise - 7 for the goal.
McIntyre - 7 was actually really good really put a shift in.
Holmes - 6 I think he was alright. Added decent physical presence (as did McIntyre).
Gibson - 7. Really happy for the guy. I felt sorry for him coming on and cocking up in his first game as CB, but I think he was solid at LB for us. And it's quite handy too because we are desperate for cover there for sure.

Pauno - 7 - hands tied somewhat by injuries. Can't fault him. He is clearly good enough at motivating players as the performance was solid and we got a win. Subs worked well and for all the criticism he got for leaving Holmes on the bench I think it was the right decision to deal with their pacey left winger chap.

Overall - good to see us winning even without our big boys playing. But to be fair it was a poor QPR side and the big issues for us are the injuries.

EDIT: not a single reply or other ratings... it could be because my post is crap, but that's most of my posts tbh. I'm guessing the mood is generally a bit subdued after Richards being crocked.

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