When will Star hold the owners to account?

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When will Star hold the owners to account?

by windermereROYAL » 12 Jan 2022 09:11

I`ve read somewhere that STAR have requested a meeting with upper management, if this is granted then some difficult questions need to be asked.
The owners are very quiet and have been since they took over...why? all we need to know is their vision for the future.
speaking of the future, does the club have one, will we have a club in 5 years time?
Why is Kia seemingly running this club into the ground with endless foreign failures and why does he hold so much influence behind the scenes? he`s just an agent and a bad one at that.

There are faceless people at boardroom level, there were plenty in the directors box last night, who are they?
Somebody needs to be accountable for the mess we are in now and have been for nearly 5 years.

STAR have the authority to ask these questions, do your duty.

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Re: When will Star hold the owners to account?

by STAR Liaison » 14 Jan 2022 17:04

Meeting arranged for Friday 21 January.

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