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Re: STAR Exiles - Overview

by Green » 22 Feb 2024 11:05

Meatwad Hello all, first post here!

Been a fan since 2007 and favorite all time player is Bobby Convey(For obvious reasons haha, but thought he was immense here as well). Librarian by trade and was in the Marines for several years(Hence my avatar).

Anyway, trying times for our beloved Royals to put it mildly, but we will persevere!

Also, putting this in this thread as myself and some other American fans I have known for a long time, have started a page on Twitter (@_USARoyals) to network with Reading fans over here and perhaps gain some more as well. So if live in the USA, please give us a follow and share, and even if do not, if you can do the same to help build the page up, that will be great!


Great to see some of our American fans from that era have stuck around. Not on Twitter very much anymore, but given you a follow!

Likewise, best of luck to y'all.

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