Speculation - Andy Rinomhota

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Re: Speculation - Andy Rinomhota

by Hound » 16 Dec 2019 15:09

Saw Tish was now playing in Belgium

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Re: Speculation - Andy Rinomhota

by Notts Royal » 09 Jan 2020 20:42

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Jagermesiter1871 Distinctly average player people love to rate as young and academy. Feel like I've heard that before see Liam Kelly and many before - are people starting to turn on Rino now?

Rino is quality, but out of form for many reasons.


Second season is always tough. He's having to do more of the donkey work with less opportunity to break forward when with Swift and Ejaria, has to do extra running for Adam, and has had to be more creative and attacking than is his game when neither Ejaria nor Swift have been there.

I don't think there's a PL player there, but he is a very solid Champ player for sure. Everything he does seems to have purpose to it.

I love him.

So he'll be off to someone awful in January or the summer for sure.

I agree with this. Completely different type of player to Kelly and importantly, seems to have the right mentality.

Agree that he’s probably found his level but we need players on the long-term. Ejaria & Swift probably have a higher ceiling so will more likely be off sooner. We need to build a team again and I see Rino as fundamental to that. I can only comment on the few games I’ve been to/seen on TV, and I might be biased as I love the guy, but I’ve never seen him have a bad game. He might have a few 6s here and there, but, again only going on what I’ve seen and the comments I read on here/other sites, is very consistent for such a young age.

Ejaria, Swift, Pele & Adam much be capable of more, but certainly Pele & Ejaria can be very inconsistent. And Adam will be retiring in the near future. Swift has only just shown consistency this season.

A must keep for me

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