Matt Ridenton

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Re: Matt Ridenton

by leon » 16 Jan 2020 23:03

Hound that video was like one of those charity games they have on TV. Was half expecting to see Mo Farah ask for the ball and get tackled by some bloke off Love island.

Timmy Mallet?

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Re: Matt Ridenton

by muirinho » 21 Jan 2020 16:07

Reading have declined the opportunity to sign Matt Ridenton.

A source told BerkshireLive: "He was neat and tidy but not quite what we wanted"

which sounds like a polite way of saying he wasn't very good. ... w-17606737

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Re: Matt Ridenton

by Royalwaster » 21 Jan 2020 17:11

Good technique, not physical enough?

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Re: Matt Ridenton

by Snowflake Royal » 21 Jan 2020 17:42

Showed a Wednesday pal his video and he pissed himself.

Neat and tidy is fair from the video, as is a suggestion he's got nothing else and couldn't cope with the Chumpionship.

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