PLEASE READ - Rules for RFC tickets wanted/offered.

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PLEASE READ - Rules for RFC tickets wanted/offered.

by Platypuss » 27 Dec 2006 01:43

NO TOUTING - Tickets must be made available at a maximum of face value only. Please don't use this forum to make money out of fellow fans.

Please don't make above face-value offers for tickets on this board.

The law in this area is now clear that touting over the internet is illegal and website operators are committing a criminal offence (and therefore face fines or closure of the website) if they knowingly allow touting.,,1941981,00.html

(Thanks Physci)

Therefore I'd rather not give anyone the opportunity to get HNA in trouble if it can be easily avoided. Of course any unauthorised re-sale is illegal (even when less than face value), however after the debacle of the club's official buyback policy a forum to put those with, and without, tickets in touch would be seen to be reasonable.

Therefore, I would prefer any "negotiations" that may be required to be done totally off-board if possible, and by PM if really required. Please do not undertake any discussions of such a nature on the forum itself. Any "bidding" or offers/requests over face value will be deleted.

First-come, first-served should be used for establishing priority.

If the thread originator could clearly add when a ticket is no longer available/wanted then that would be most appreciated.

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