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20 March 2001
"Pure Hard Work And Determination"

Well, what a result!
The boys are keeping up the pressure on the top two places, or at least on 2nd place. It's about time too. With the potential of this great club and the quality and cost of the players that try to perform week in week out, Reading Football Club should be seeing the likes of Wolverhampton Wanderers and Sheffield Wednesday as opposition at Madjeski Stadium.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to make the long trip up to Wrexham, but by all accounts the boys thoroughly deserved their victory. I was speaking to Parky and he said that it was the toughest game they have had all season. I heard somewhere that the boys were lucky but if you ask me, luck has got nothing to do with it. A result like that has got to come down to pure hard work and determination.
Parky was saying that the spirit in the camp is the best he's known for a long while.

There is just no letting up on the pressure when you are fighting for promotion and Friday night is another massive game. I don't know too much about Bristol City, and I don't really care either, because with all the players fighting fit and the consistency that is being displayed out on the pitch, I can't see Reading losing. This is a game that I won't be missing.

I have a spare £5 and I will definitely be putting it on Reading to win 2-0, with Butler to score the first goal.
Don't let me down boys!

Get your tickets early and I hope to see you there.

Steve Mautone
(ex. Reading Player & avid supporter)

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