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09 Jan 2019 12:22
Forum: The Team
Topic: Clear out started
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Re: Clear out started

Simply shocking if true. Would never be in this absolute mess if we had kept faith with McD during and after the last prem campaign. I am even beginning to warm to Adkins given what he achieved with such a limited budget and interference from higher up. It was when Clarke arrived that the wheels be...
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19 Oct 2018 18:50
Forum: The Team
Topic: Solutions to problems (instead of moaning)
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The problem seems simple to me!

instead of moaning that we gave Meite a 4 year contract , get the coaches to work with him on ball retention and trapping the ball a bit better. In fact this should be basic stuff with all the players. If someones weakness is taking a corner, get them to take 20 a training session, work on the shap...
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21 Aug 2018 14:08
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Rumour: Nathan Dyer (loan)
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Re: Rumour: Nathan Dyer (loan)

Can't help but feel he's the sort of panic signing we regret making regularly. Our recent loan record of experienced players is pretty fecking terrible. Vydra, Grabban, I'm sure there are other examples. Have any worked? Vydra top goal scorer in Champ last season, Grabban scored goals for fun in a ...
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21 Aug 2018 14:01
Forum: The Team
Topic: Josh Sims - Confimred?
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Wednesday fan mate says Rhodes was on £45k a week, would think others mentioned would be similar, never going to happen.

We go all summer whinging and complaining about the lack of a quality striker during the last 18 month, we start the season with a punt from a lower league, Bod whose career goal average is almost 1 in 6 and Baldock who has scored 18 goals in 79 appearances in the championship. Not complete shit by...
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08 Mar 2018 11:50
Forum: The Team
Topic: Message to Tim Dellor and Konathon Low
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Re: Message to Tim Dellor and Konathon Low

I e-mailed Dellor about 2 seasons ago suggesting he could ask the Manager a question from the fans therefore distancing himself from any criticism of it. The questions would have to be asked and sorted before the game and no direct criticism of a player or staff.
Never got a reply.
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05 Feb 2018 18:49
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFT Appalling mess at home
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Re: BFT Appalling mess at home

Blackett is a young guy who looks a little vulnerable and whose confidence is shot. Easy target. I wonder if the boo-Boys will be brave enough to dish out the treatment to big guys who are far more culpable than Blackett - like Joey or the manager himself. Of course they won’t. Pussies. From my sea...
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