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by blueroyals
21 Jan 2020 21:35
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Reading players out of contract in summer 2020
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Re: Reading players out of contract in summer 2020

Hope Obita is next
by blueroyals
19 Jan 2020 09:27
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Millwall Away
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Re: BFTG Millwall Away

Imagine going to Millwall with the most lightweight midfield in the league. I get the "don't change a winning team" mantra but come on.. have some common sense Millwall were closing us down so quickly, and we weren't going to win any long balls against their massive players. So it was obvi...
by blueroyals
27 Dec 2019 22:51
Forum: The Team
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Charlie Adam's passing ability is wasted when he's pinging balls out wide to Gunter to turn and pass the ball back, or Blacket to pass the ball out of play. Once Yiadom and Obita are fit we'll start rolling teams over
by blueroyals
15 Oct 2019 13:35
Forum: The Team
Topic: CONFIMRED - Mark Bowen
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Re: CONFIMRED - Mark Bowen

If what he is saying is true then the owners/Howe need to take some responsibility for the reception he's got. It doesn't to take a genius to work out this is how the appointment will likely be interpreted by the fans/press. A short quote in the announcement from Dai himself saying exactly what Mark...
by blueroyals
28 Sep 2019 21:26
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Swansea Away
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Re: BFTG Swansea Away

I said after the Wycombe and Cardiff games 5 ATB won't work against sides who don't let us dominate the midfield. Our "wing backs" aren't good enough (compared to Swansea, Leeds, Fulham 2016/2017). Unfortunately we don't have any decent wide players to play 4 ATB either. So basically we'll...
by blueroyals
18 Aug 2019 23:33
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Cardiff
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Re: BFTG - Cardiff

It's early days for this new system but the weakness will be against teams who pack the midfield and force us out wide. That's exactly what happened in the second half vs Wycombe and we struggled. I don't think we have enough quality at wing back.
by blueroyals
07 May 2019 19:38
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: STs for season 2019/2020
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Re: STs for season 2019/2020

I think £299 in 1871 is a bad decision. You'll end up with people sitting there just for a cheap ticket, when it's supposed to be for fans that'll make some noise
by blueroyals
10 Apr 2019 20:37
Forum: The Team
Topic: MATCHWATCH : Norwich City (a) sponsored by James Harper
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Re: MATCHWATCH : Norwich City (a) sponsored by James Harper

Massive 45 mins coming up
by blueroyals
02 Apr 2019 19:53
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: RUMOUR - Jonson Clarke-Harris
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Re: RUMOUR - Jonson Clarke-Harris

CountryRoyal This is exactly the type of signing we should be making.

Should doesn't mean yes
by blueroyals
12 Mar 2019 23:26
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Leeds Home
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Re: BFTG Leeds Home

Not sure who else he could have picked really. Would have had McCleary and Harriott in, but wouldn’t have changed the result A lot is confidence. Since the summer Leeds have had a coherent plan, got in the players and stuck to it. If we had our first 11 on the back of a decent run, we’d not be too ...
by blueroyals
28 Jan 2019 16:17
Forum: The Team
Topic: Royals on the Box/Internet Thread
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Re: Royals on the Box/Internet Thread

They've started to block popular VPNs, just a heads up.
by blueroyals
22 Dec 2018 17:59
Forum: The Team
Topic: CONFIMRED José Gomes
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hello league one
by blueroyals
20 Dec 2018 19:32
Forum: The Team
Topic: New Manager
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Re: New Manager

What a disaster of an appointment
by blueroyals
06 Dec 2018 23:33
Forum: The Team
Topic: Clement sacked!
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Re: Clement sacked!

Thought he was quite pragmatic in the way he set the team up for games. Got the team playing to their (limited) strengths, rather than forcing a system upon it like Stam did. It was nothing spectacular but it got us scoring goals, which we couldn't do last year under Stam. I'm sad to see him go beca...
by blueroyals
27 Nov 2018 22:12
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Leeds
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Re: BFTG Leeds

Jaakkola - 7 some good saves Yiadom - 7 got forward well Illori - 7 solid Moore - 7 solid Gunter - 4 so poor Bacuna - 7 good Rinomhota - 8 MOTM Kelly - 6 average Swift - 4 lost possession countless times, can't defend Loader - 7 gave us something different Meite - 5 invisible. Doesn't look fit Subs:...
by blueroyals
19 Sep 2018 23:35
Forum: The Team
Topic: Clement
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Re: Clement

Clement officially OUT for me now. I understand the not wanting to chop and change managers all the time but if he's the wrong appointment he's the wrong appointment. Clement won't save us and I don't see him hanging about in League One, nor would I particularly want him to. And what makes you thin...
by blueroyals
19 Sep 2018 23:01
Forum: The Team
Topic: MATCHWATCH : Norwich City (h) sponsored by Andy Hughes
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Re: MATCHWATCH : Norwich City (h) sponsored by Andy Hughes

If you have to sack a manager after only 20-odd games then whoever hired him in the first place should be out the door too. Another black mark for Ron
by blueroyals
09 Sep 2018 21:29
Forum: The Team
Topic: Ex Players
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Re: Ex Players

What's Gunnarsson up to these days?
by blueroyals
01 Sep 2018 21:59
Forum: The Team
Topic: Gourlay
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Re: Gourlay

Yeah he's oxf*rd shit. But it was the owners who appointed him. Do you have faith in them to appoint anybody better if they got rid? Sounds like they saw Chelsea on his CV and hired him
by blueroyals
22 Aug 2018 18:40
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Speculation - Pavel Pogrebnyak
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Re: Speculation - Pavel Pogrebnyak

No. He was shit when he played for us and he'll be even shitter now.
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