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by notloyalenuffroyal
10 Jul 2019 20:40
Forum: The Team
Topic: Pre season tour
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Re: Pre season tour

Surprised Obita didn't get a run out. Did he come on? Any ideas on how he is doing?
by notloyalenuffroyal
22 Jun 2019 20:14
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Speculation: Keeper Watch
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Re: Speculation: Keeper Watch

Keepers are a rare breed, given a bit of confidence and a run in a

..... successful team with a decent back four, he’ll be fine.

I may see a small flaw in the plan.
by notloyalenuffroyal
02 May 2019 11:13
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Twenty’s Plenty
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Re: Twenty’s Plenty

For me the logic comes in charging the clubs that charge us more and then using that to subsidise the away ticket price. E.g. Home fan tickets at Reading (without loyalty discounts etc) = £23-£35 Therefore if we stick a pin somewhere between, £27, for any clubs that do not match twenty is plenty, th...
by notloyalenuffroyal
04 Mar 2019 00:16
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Reading Supporters Survey
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Re: Reading Supporters Survey

Yeah that's quite interesting.

Makes you think of some of the good things alongside the dross we are suffering.

Good luck Tomas
by notloyalenuffroyal
23 Feb 2019 21:13
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG Rotherham
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Re: BFTG Rotherham

So weird... I saw it quite differently. I saw a side up for a fight, snapping at heels trying to win back the ball. I saw Olivera, when he made a mistake, chasing back and clearing up in the centre of defence. I saw Mo Barrow pelting it from one wing to the other trying to chase down a lost cause an...
by notloyalenuffroyal
01 Jan 2019 18:14
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Swansea
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Re: BFTG - Swansea

Hound About right

Know it will be controversial with the anti-Swift crew, but thought he did ok as well. p

Thought he was excellent at turning in circles!!! Only began to play once Swansea backed off and he had a bit more time. Thought he was dreadful and would have been my first sub.
by notloyalenuffroyal
03 Sep 2018 23:54
Forum: The Team
Topic: Who can save us
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Re: Who can save us

Gylfi. Gylfi is the saviour of all. He will appear as from a cloud, descending into us in an Icelandic dust cloud, to come and drag us literally through the ashes. He will be crowned King Gylfi and the stadium shall be full for evermore singing his praises. Either that or we'll get relegated then ge...
by notloyalenuffroyal
01 Sep 2018 20:40
Forum: The Team
Topic: Absolute gutless joke...
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Re: Absolute gutless joke...

How about a handy themed protest at a match...


Board Really Inept End Fans Suffering.
by notloyalenuffroyal
01 Sep 2018 20:28
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Weds H
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Re: BFTG - Weds H

Kelly: Better than Wednesday, but inefectual. Agreed with so much of what you said, but thought this was a little harsh. I thought he changed the game in many ways. He played with loads of energy, he sat in front of the back 4 at times making some great tackles. He then got on the ball and at least...
by notloyalenuffroyal
01 Sep 2018 20:00
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Weds H
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Re: BFTG - Weds H

What on earth was Aluko doing in the first part of the 2nd half? When we were in possession he moved into the centre circle to receive the ball. Every time. For about 10 minutes. It was bizarre and left a huge hole down the right that Meite had to go and fill for Gunter to pass to. No problem with ...
by notloyalenuffroyal
01 Sep 2018 19:47
Forum: The Team
Topic: BFTG - Weds H
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Re: BFTG - Weds H

My big complaint management wise was that Aluko and Meyler were so horrific in the first half that I could not believe one of them at least did not come off at half time. The triple substitution was necessary and it really was nice to see a bit of fight for 20 minutes, but waiting until 60 minutes e...
by notloyalenuffroyal
01 Sep 2018 14:22
Forum: The Team
Topic: Song for our Iranian
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Re: Song for our Iranian

Saied he is from Iran. E-i-e-i-o
He's part of Clements master plan e-i-e-i-o

by notloyalenuffroyal
01 May 2018 22:15
Forum: The Team
Topic: Team for cardiff
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Re: Team for cardiff

:( :( :( :(
:oops: :oops: :oops:
:cry: :evil: :roll:

Think that'll be about right!
by notloyalenuffroyal
25 Apr 2018 16:14
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Club 1871
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Re: Club 1871

My opinion, fwiw, is that the club should move the family section back to where it was originally and have the singing section in the Eamonn Dolan Stand next season. Get some flags, banners and Club 1871 in to that end of the ground and make the North Stand a wall of noise. I can see your point, bu...
by notloyalenuffroyal
13 Apr 2018 01:16
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: South Stand Singers For Sunderland (H)
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Re: South Stand Singers For Sunderland (H)

Well, I for one thoroughly enjoyed that. Couldn't sleep tonight so that has given be great bed time reading. Never before have I read all 5 pages of a single thread, but that was better than Jeremy Kyle. I am just a bit confused (and, I promise, not trying to fan the flames). What is the problem wit...
by notloyalenuffroyal
10 Apr 2018 08:54
Forum: The Team
Topic: You''l never know JUST how much I love you....
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Re: You''l never know JUST how much I love you....

If you notice this notice you will notice it is not worth noticing.
by notloyalenuffroyal
30 Mar 2018 23:28
Forum: The Team
Topic: Season Defining Moments
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Season Defining Moments

It remains to be seen, but that penalty save feels like a season defining moment.... What other moments do you think define other seasons? Not necessarily the obvious (e.g. Cureton's winner, Ledge's goal) I was thinking the infamous Convey goal against Milwall in '05? Did the turn around against Bor...
by notloyalenuffroyal
23 Mar 2018 23:47
Forum: The Team
Topic: CONFIMRED - Paul Clement appointed as new Royals boss
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Re: CONFIMRED - Paul Clement appointed as new Royals boss

I am perhaps most concerned over how barmy this makes our army. Are we Paul Clement's barmy army or not? Indeed how barmy do we need to be to be a barmy army? And what indeed constitutes being barmy? Should I wear an amusing hat? Do I have to make a slightly sarcastic, but ultimately hilarious comme...
by notloyalenuffroyal
18 Mar 2018 15:45
Forum: The Team
Topic: Sack The Jaap
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Re: Sack The Jaap

Japp Stam had a dream
To build a football team
But now we're heading for the bottom 3.

We're Sh1t at the back
We're Sh1t in attack
It's time now Gourlay
Just give Stam the sack!
by notloyalenuffroyal
05 Feb 2018 20:48
Forum: The Team
Topic: Pnthe
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Re: Derby is Pants Day 2

Players Are Noticeably Tired-of Stam???
It is currently 19 Jul 2019 12:15