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by Jakarta Bee
19 Nov 2019 14:58
Forum: The Team
Topic: MATCHWATCH : Brentford (a) sponsored by a Phil Parkinson flick on
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Re: MATCHWATCH : Brentford (a) sponsored by a Phil Parkinson flick on

Norgaard who has been running our midfield recently is also suspended and Canos and Karelis are both injured for the rest of the season so we are pretty much out of options. Bench will be almost all "B" team players.

There again you have Liam Moore so there is always hope.
by Jakarta Bee
31 Jul 2019 17:33
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Topic: Rival Watch
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Re: Rival Watch

I can't work out what is going on with Bristol City and Brentford. They seem to operating in a completely different world to the rest of us: Brentford have rejected an offer of £6.5m for winger Sergi Canos Isn't he absolutely bang average? Was on the bench half the time for them last year, 7 goals ...
by Jakarta Bee
02 Sep 2018 15:15
Forum: General Football
Topic: The generic transfer thread
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Re: The generic transfer thread

Winston Biscuit Ryan Woods to Stoke on 6 month loan with £7M agreed payment to transfer in January

best Brentford player by a mile. Their fans are devastated

Er, no he wasn't and no we aren't
by Jakarta Bee
14 Jan 2018 11:03
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Topic: Who could replace Stam?
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Re: Who could replace Stam?

Went onto “better things”.....tbf Dean (otherwise known as Dead) Smith has only stagnated, but otoh, secured the clubs position. If Brentford ever had “a saviour” in recent years, it was Mad Dog Allen.....his fund-raising and profile helped save them from extinction not so long back Warburton was y...
by Jakarta Bee
08 May 2017 10:29
Forum: The Team
Topic: YTF is everyone scared of Fulham FC??
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Re: YTF is everyone scared of Fulham FC??

As an ubiased view (i.e. I don't want either you or Fulham to go up) and having seen both Fulham and Reading play the Bees twice this season I think Fulham are quite a way ahead of Reading in terms of performance.
by Jakarta Bee
24 Mar 2017 12:03
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: The Egg chasers relegation
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Re: The Egg chasers relegation

Work has started on the new stadium :D - London Irish have permission to play there:
by Jakarta Bee
27 Sep 2016 13:28
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Topic: Brentford (A) Predictions
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Re: Brentford (A) Predictions

As long as that dirty b******* McShane gets his long overdue comeupence I could settle for that. Bad experience, Jakarta Bee? We have long memories (except for April 2002 of course) I still remember Pat Terry when at...
by Jakarta Bee
27 Sep 2016 09:26
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Topic: Brentford (A) Predictions
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Re: Brentford (A) Predictions

Its about 20 games going back to 1975 since Reading kept a clean sheet at Griffin Park.
so that's 1-0 to Reading then.
As long as that dirty b******* McShane gets his long overdue comeupence I could settle for that.
by Jakarta Bee
02 May 2015 18:06
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Topic: Thank you Reading...thank you!!!!
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Re: Thank you Reading...thank you!!!!

Didn't see that result coming but thanks very much! A favour from Reading! Wonders will never cease.
by Jakarta Bee
24 Apr 2015 10:28
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Topic: Heartbreaking results
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Re: Heartbreaking results

Well Cureton's totally undeserved equaliser in April 2002 was my top one for many years until we managed to even out do that with last minute penalty miss in May 13. Still that may have been a blessing in disguise and am looking forward from afar to a small measure of a dish served cold tomorrow.
by Jakarta Bee
30 Jan 2014 12:30
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Topic: Help the Bees!
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Help the Bees!

Hi all of you in your not quite new but still shiny stadium. Much as all Bees fans love Giffin Park, the time has come for us to move on and we need help with our petition to support the new Lionel Road project and figh off the Nimbys of Chiswick / Kew / Strand on the Green and their "over my d...
by Jakarta Bee
30 Apr 2013 05:32
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Topic: Promotion/Relegation Watch
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Re: Promotion/Relegation Watch

:shock: Football. Brentford really don't do last day deciders. Still can't believe it actually happened, I thought Cureton's goal in 2002 was as bad as it gets but I was wrong, very wrong! Don't do playoffs either. 6 times in the playoff in League 1 and never won them. Even if we get past Swindon w...
by Jakarta Bee
30 Jan 2013 15:10
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Topic: Songs for Chelsea...
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Re: Songs for Chelsea...

Was quite funny to hear the "fat spanish waiter" sung by all four sides of the ground last Sunday
by Jakarta Bee
12 Jan 2013 11:42
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Topic: Jay Tabb
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Re: Jay Tabb

We'd have him back if we could afford him - which I suspect we can't which is a shame as I would have enjoyed seeing him play at the Madjeski for us next season. :wink:
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