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by Ingham
30 Apr 2018 15:12
Forum: The Team
Topic: Back from the ****
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Re: Back from the ****

When was the last time before Saturday that there was chanting at the Mad Stad of "Your not fit to where the shirt" aimed at the home team?
by Ingham
25 Apr 2018 06:09
Forum: The Team
Topic: Relegation Watch
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Re: Relegation Watch

Not sure if this has been pointed out but if Barnsley fail to beat Brentford we are safe no matter what happens in our two matches save for a couple of 8-0 defeats. Barnsley not winning means they can’t catch us. Bolton playing burton means that they couldn’t both catch us. If Burton lose or draw t...
by Ingham
02 Apr 2018 07:23
Forum: The Team
Topic: Season Defining Moments
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Re: Season Defining Moments

Think they had two sent off and another went off through injury so played against 8 men for the last 10 minutes or so. Couldn't believe we didn't score. No it was 3 sending offs First, I must say that It seems odd that i’m joining in to a rational discussion that involves double d. Secondly, it was...
by Ingham
28 Mar 2018 11:47
Forum: The Team
Topic: Leaving Games Early...?
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Re: Leaving Games Early...?

The guy and his son sitting next to me for the 2012 League Cup match against Arsenal were Arsenal supporters. They left with the score at 4-2 or 4-3. Bet they regretted it!
by Ingham
08 Mar 2018 08:01
Forum: The Team
Topic: Gate figure conspiracy-gate?
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Re: Gate figure conspiracy-gate?

RG30 s figure for Cardiff looks wrong. In programme it's 16,670 not 11,307. Jackson I think under estimates the number of STH. I think it's 12,000-12,500. Before Gategate the lowest crowd was Barnsley - 13,317. Take away 300 Tykes = 13,000 home fans i.e. The STH plus match day buyers, not many I'd ...
by Ingham
18 Jul 2017 09:56
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: QPR Away
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Re: QPR Away

Chuckle Brother So can we assume Silver tickets are restricted view ?

No - they are just the blocks to the side rather than the ones straight above the goal.

I do not think there are now any "restricted view" since they moved the goal forward.
by Ingham
08 May 2017 10:28
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Play off Away Leg
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Re: Play off Away Leg

We are going to have all the grandads and grannies in the away end for this - atmosphere will be awful. Most of the atmosphere at these games comes from lads who go up in a mob, drink all day and go at it. Good luck in working out qualification rules for that then ! Add in a criteria based on a min...
by Ingham
02 Apr 2017 06:38
Forum: The Team
Topic: Back from the game - Leeds (H)
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Re: Back from the game - Leeds (H)

agree Emerald....great performance one and all. Leeds fans "reverting to type" when convenient Cooper should get at least a 3 game retrospective ban Leeds really are cnuts. Fans and team. Always have been, always will be. Utter cnuts. Nice that they showed it for all to see. The bottle-th...
by Ingham
14 Sep 2015 12:46
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: PA announcer
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Re: PA announcer

Royal Lady Why did they have to change the PA guy in the first place? :|

I think it was as a result of the Steve Clarke initiative to "improve" the atmosphere at the stadium around March time.
by Ingham
20 Apr 2015 16:32
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Semi final tickets?
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Re: Semi final tickets?

Does anyone know why there were a significant number of empty seats in Block 104 on Saturday (in the Red Tickets area) - given all Red tickets were supposed to have been sold on the first day? My asuumption is a load of corporates got priority and then did not turn up.
by Ingham
17 Feb 2015 12:28
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Bradford away- biggest game in years...
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Re: Bradford away- biggest game in years...

Are the games all Saturday/Sunday - or is there a Monday game?
by Ingham
05 Nov 2013 17:25
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Topic: Back from the game as soon as SWFC
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Re: Back from the game as soon as SWFC

littlejohnnyoster Was drooling over Antonio.

Never really impressed when he appeared for Reading. Think Kelly at LB may have helped him look good.
by Ingham
28 Oct 2013 13:27
Forum: The Team
Topic: Favourite Away Goal
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Re: Favourite Away Goal

Glen Little at Plymouth - 205/06 for me!
by Ingham
02 Nov 2012 15:05
Forum: The Team
Topic: Predictions for QPR
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Re: Predictions for QPR

I am looking for a boring 0-0 draw until we score a goal in the last minute leaving insufficient time to lose the lead again!
by Ingham
01 Nov 2012 16:43
Forum: The Team
Topic: Rivalry
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Re: Rivalry

i always thought our main rivals were west ham united, or at least one of our main rivals. maybe that is a more recent rivalry then? West Ham see us more as a recent annoyance than a rival, but I can guarantee that quite a few votes came in from them, detestable bunch that they are. TBH, as a West ...
by Ingham
29 Aug 2012 08:46
Forum: The Team
Topic: Peterborough Match Thread
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Re: Peterborough Match Thread

Jerry St Clair Swindon at the County Ground next please


by Ingham
20 Mar 2012 14:32
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: West Ham Away
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Re: West Ham Away

An option for all you going - when leaving the ground sack off any idea of getting back on the tube at Upton Park. Jump in a back cab & ask to go to either Canning Town or Stratford. I don't think I've ever seen a queue as long as the one I saw for Upton Park. It just seemed to go on and on and...
by Ingham
12 Jan 2012 10:57
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Bristol City home brought forward
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Re: Bristol City home brought forward

Have to say from a totally selfish perspective that I am pleased with this. Was going to have to miss the game on the Tuesday night due to having to travel for work.
by Ingham
09 Mar 2011 12:49
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Sweet Caroline
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Re: Sweet Caroline

Came up on my iPod as I walked to work yesterday. It got me wondering what the hell happened to it. Why did the club stop playing it before matches and more importantly, can we please have it back? Blame the back the boys and make some noise mob, they play the same old shit every game. Agreed - the...
by Ingham
10 Jan 2011 16:38
Forum: The Team
Topic: FA Cup 4th round draw
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Re: FA Cup 4th round draw


please try and get this on tv and changed to Sunday, i cant swap my Saturday at work.

Kind Regards


Please don't. I cannot make the Sunday!
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