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by bagman
02 Dec 2020 12:15
Forum: The Team
Topic: The Backroom Staff Thread
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Re: The Backroom Staff Thread

I thought both Steve Shorey and David Dodds had left sometime ago.
by bagman
15 Jun 2020 15:26
Forum: Club Policies
Topic: Season Ticket Refund?
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Re: Season Ticket Refund?

And an excellent note from Nigel Howe. Club's communication has been very good
by bagman
23 May 2020 12:56
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Rumour - Bruno Paz
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Re: Rumour - Bruno Paz

Who's his agent ? No, really!! That's a surprise.
by bagman
19 May 2020 15:09
Forum: The Team
Topic: The most charismatic/moronic fan we have or have ever had
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Re: The most charismatic/moronic fan we have or have ever had

Can't mention the helicopters without reference to JM's hair as he went to collect the ball !!
by bagman
29 Mar 2020 12:40
Forum: The Team
Topic: George Puscas
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George Puscas

Really sad Instagram quote from George, who obviously feels totally isolated. Lets all do what we can to support him
by bagman
12 Feb 2020 12:32
Forum: The Team
Topic: 2019/20 Injury Watch
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Re: 2019/20 Injury Watch

Long just signed a new contract at Southampton. New agent must work !!
by bagman
24 Jan 2020 17:34
Forum: The Team
Topic: Thames Valley Royals
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Re: Thames Valley Royals

I was at the Hilton Hotel, for the EAGM, and it really was a close run thing, even without the Waller votes. Shareholders were bussed in from all over. I remember an 80 year old woman from Bournemouth with 10 shares. Maxwell insisted that every resolution be voted on, even after the main one was los...
by bagman
03 Dec 2019 17:56
Forum: The Team
Topic: FA Cup away day memories
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Re: FA Cup away day memories

Brentwood in 1969. I believe it was Tommy Jenkins first game . Only tactic was to pass to him. My estate agent (Dai Jones) was right back for Brentwood and kicked the #### out of him. Pitch was a ploughed field . Lost 1-0.
by bagman
10 Jun 2019 16:36
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Mark Bowen as DoF
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Mark Bowen as DoF

Rumoured to be in line for the job after turning down Swansea job. Would be an outstanding buffer between Nigel Howe ( who's skills are CEO ) and look at the results achieved since he came in to support Jose as Technical Adviser.
by bagman
23 May 2019 15:51
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: RUMOUR - Gomes wanted
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Re: RUMOUR - Gomes wanted

Nick wont come back whilst Zia and John Macbeth are around. Pity because he has not gone anywhere after WBA
by bagman
16 May 2019 14:12
Forum: Rumours and Gossip
Topic: Bartosz Bialkowski goalkeeper
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Re: Bartosz Bialkowski goalkeeper

Went on a cruise a few weeks back, and the barman was a Bulgarian football fan. It seems young Nicki's nickname is "mini peruka" Little
Wig !
by bagman
13 May 2019 15:56
Forum: The Team
Topic: RIP - Gordon Neate
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Re: RIP - Gordon Neate

Fred was a great club servant and should be remembered in some way.

But I'll always remember when he applied weedkiller instead of fertiliser at Elm Park. Looked like a paddy field for weeks !
by bagman
25 Mar 2019 12:38
Forum: The Team
Topic: The 2005/06 Squad one word game
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Re: The 2005/06 Squad one word game

by bagman
19 Feb 2019 11:53
Forum: The Team
Topic: Have Reading ever had a player like a "Pogba B"
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Re: Have Reading ever had a player like a "Pogba B"

Bryn did at both Stoke and Watford in Premier, as well as 74 Icelandic caps.
by bagman
23 Dec 2018 15:54
Forum: The Team
Topic: Jose’s task starts here
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Re: Jose’s task starts here

Gilksie was probably kept because of his links with the Academy, where he was under 18 coach. We still have a strong nucleus of coaches at the Club in Marshall, David Dodds , and Jed Roddy, and losing Gibbs and Beasant will not have a major negative effect. This will be positive for the transition o...
by bagman
10 Dec 2018 18:26
Forum: The Team
Topic: New Manager
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Re: New Manager

Guy sitting next to Nigel is Majid who is adviser to the owners and attends every home and most away games
by bagman
30 Nov 2018 12:12
Forum: The Team
Topic: Ex Players
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Re: Ex Players

Jimmy Kebe is a professional poker player
by bagman
21 Nov 2018 12:12
Forum: The Team
Topic: Ex Players
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Re: Ex Players

Sqeaky strikes again getting the bargain that was Kitson. How we've missed him!
by bagman
13 Sep 2018 11:52
Forum: The Team
Topic: Tevreden Out, Nani In
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Re: Tevreden Out, Nani In

Nani worked with Duxburry (CEO) and Zola (Manager) at both West Ham and Watford. Maybe its all part of a masterplan !
by bagman
04 Sep 2018 16:15
Forum: The Team
Topic: Clement
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Re: Clement

If you look at Clement's record at Swansea and Reading from start of 2017 season, he has played 32 games ,won 4, drawn 6, lost 22. At that rate we will get 26 points this season. I know you can't compare the two scenarios , but winners win and losers dont, and I'm afraid that linked with the doom me...
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