BFTG- Millwall (a)

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Re: BFTG- Millwall (a)

by Denver Royal » 29 Dec 2018 12:45

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sandman The top clubs can play passing football because they have top players.

Don't know if anyone has noticed but we don't.

Swansea managed it at this level.
So, what do you think the club should do with the dross that we have got?
Long ball is no good as most of the time we have midgets playing up front.

Why does it have to be a binary thing? When some complain about possession football (only works with great players imo), others always hit back with 'long ball'.

Most champ teams play somewhere in the middle and I seem to recall a very successful spell for RFC that was neither possession or long ball.....

I just want 'attacking' football, regardless the of what label it has

Well said. It can often be binary, and we lose sight of the middle ground. It's labels, and it's either this, or it's that. Even when it comes to managers. He isn't, right now, known as boring/possession, but during Clement's tenure and his overall body of work here, there were many games - and I watched nearly all of them - where we'd be passing it around a lot in our own half. It was incredibly dull. In 16 of 24 games this season we've scored 0 or 1 goal. We scored very few under him in his 8 games last season, too. But again, he isn't generally viewed that way objectively. If Clement had taken over from a different manager, he would be viewed quite differently now, on a lot of levels. As it is, he's fortunate in that way and is viewed with some affection. I'm hoping that 'possession Gomes' actually equates to more attacking footy and more goals than with Clement.

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Re: BFTG- Millwall (a)

by sandman » 29 Dec 2018 21:27

West Brom not happy with the same referee for sending off Jay Rodriguez for a very similar incident to Bacuna's red card.

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