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Posting on Hob Nob Anyone? - Message Content

by hobnob » 21 Jul 2005 23:09

Hob Nob Anyone? is a forum designed to discuss Reading FC.

As an aside it's a useful forum for Reading fans to discuss general football and go slightly off topic in the "Anything Else" board in the company of Reading fans.

However, the quality of some of the messages has slid off the scale recently. Can I remind everyone of the board rules:

* No swearing or abusive language to be contained in the subject or body of any posting.
* No threatening behaviour to be contained in the subject or body of any posting.
* Discussion must be on topic - the topic of these boards is Reading Football Club.

Some people have discovered you can skip the swear filter by using weird characters and putting letters in bold. Congratulations. Now stop it.

When there's a big event hitting the news I accept there might be a posting about it in the more relaxed forums ("Anything Else"). There's no problem there. However, this forum is NOT the place for bringing up deliberately provocative non-Reading FC and non-football topics designed purely to insult others. I don't appreciate posts from members of the board that are designed purely to stir people up and produce complaints - and nor do most of the members of the forum.

It's been very relaxed on here and people have taken advantage and taken it too far. I haven't got the time to dish out warnings to board members who continually break the rules, so I'm afraid it's going to be immediate bans from now on to persistant offenders.

I know the above only applies to a minority of people on here and otherwise it's a decent community with some an excellent cross section of supporters of the club and football in general. There's some tip-top discussion on a regular basis, I'm just worried about it getting lost in the increasing amount of crap.

Thanks for helping out.

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