Keeping your e-mail address up to date

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Keeping your e-mail address up to date

by hobnob » 12 Jan 2006 17:26

Please note that you need a valid e-mail address to maintain a live account on Hob Nob Anyone?

E-Mail addresses are used to inform members of new messages, account updates, and updates to tracked posts (depending on user profiles). Where the e-mail address is wrong this causes messages to bounce back. The volume of bounced messages is steadily growing and is causing problems with mail volumes and administration.

Please can all registered members check their profile to ensure that the e-mail address entered is current and accepting e-mail.

Please contact me via e-mail once you have updated your profile and I will re-activate your account.

Unfortunately we can't contact you if your e-mail address is wrong. Where an account continually bounces messages for a number of days we may need to close the account on the site and the member will need to re-register.


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