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Draw Takes Reading Out Of Bottom Three

10 November 2018
By Hob Nob Anyone?

Reading climbed out of the relegation zone with a draw against bottom of the league Ipswich Town. Under recently appointed manager Paul Lambert, Town presented more of a challenge that many had expected. As so often happens under a new manager Ipswich were galvanised by Lambert's arrival and started on the front foot. In a chaotic opening ten minutes they took an early lead through Edwards, immediately conceded a brilliant equaliser by Meite, and then regained the lead when Sears took full advantage of some appalling Reading defending. Throughout the first half Reading were sluggish and conceded possession with remarkable regularity, and rarely threatened the visitor's goal. In contrast Ipswich were full of energy and aggression and had Jaakkola not pulled off a couple of smart saves the game would have been over by half time. Thankfully for Reading the second half was a different story. Meite confirmed his status the current home fans' favourite heading a deserved equaliser six minutes from the end and, if Baldock had managed to put away one of the two excellent chances created for him in the final minutes, Reading would have taken all three points from an Ipswich side which by then had well and truly retreated into their shell.
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 Snowflake Royal

» 10 Nov 2018 17:32

oxf*rd disgraceful showing first half. No character, no desire, no shape, no coordination. Ipswich were bigger, stronger, quicker, more direct, more confident. Best team I've seen this season based on first half (faint praise indeed).

Jaakkola - 5 kicking terrible
Yiadom - 3 awful display.
Moore 4 so brainless and casual
O'Shea 3 showing why he's on for a relegation hattrick
Blackett 5 poor
Bacuna 3 astoundingly bad
Rinomhota 5 poor
Kelly 6 more desire than the rest of midfield and defence together
Barrow 4 fell over at nothing, although booking was nonsense and a fk
Baldock 5 ok but some poor touches
Meite 7 very lacklustre other yhan thr brace

Swift 5
McNulty 5
McCleary 6

I don't see how Clement can do anything about that sort of gutless first half bullshit.


» 10 Nov 2018 17:32

Clement out.


» 10 Nov 2018 18:15

Are those marks based on first half alone? Ipswich best side we`ve seen this season?. they were shit, we made them look good, they showed what they were in the 2nd half, and thats a very poor side that deserve to be bottom.


» 10 Nov 2018 18:30

We were totally outplayed in the first half by a team that was bottom of the table. They were up for it, we weren't.

Both goals were a shambles, the first looked like Jaakola saved it but somehow spilled it into the net. The second was route 1 goal kick from the keeper and Moore either dithered or misqueued and Sears tucked it in. A lesson for schoolboys on how not to defend.

There was marginally more in the second half but in truth we were lucky to scrape a draw. Meite seems to have kicked on since getting his new contract, both goals were well taken and showed skill I never imagined he had.

However our home form is dire and at this rate we're going down.

 Old Man Andrews

» 10 Nov 2018 18:30


 Snowflake Royal

» 10 Nov 2018 18:33

Are those marks based on first half alone? Ipswich best side we`ve seen this season?. they were shit, we made them look good, they showed what they were in the 2nd half, and thats a very poor side that deserve to be bottom.
Full game. Ipswich tired and reverted to shit second half. But they were the best side I've seen so far for the first half performance. Miles better than Hull and a bit better than Bolton, Wednesday and Bristol.


» 10 Nov 2018 18:44

Atrocious, abysmal, dreadful, appalling first half performance.

Much improved second half (well it could not have got worse) but still a bit iffy.

But they should not have been in that position they’d should have been in Ipswich’s faces from the start not sitting off and getting panicky and then conceding which made them even more negative.

Credit to Clement for coming out and saying how bad it was in the first half (and he wasn’t overly impressed with the second either) but he is responsible for team selection and tactics though how responsible he can be when players just aren’t performing/listening/learning from their continual cock ups is debatable.

Now a break and then games from hell! Wigan away, Leeds away then Stoke and Sheff U at home followed by a trip to Middlesbrough. Anyone think Clement will manage to see it through to Christmas?


» 10 Nov 2018 18:54

Yes we were poor first half, but Ipswich played well,
and on the form, if they can play 90 minutes, will get
out of trouble. That's a clear new manager bounce
and they are undefeated in two.

It should have been over at HT, but it wasn't.

Second half we were so much better. We won the second half 1-0
forced at least one good save, and missed two good chances.

That, IMO, given the context is a very good point.

If Meite keeps improving we have a big player on our hands

A bit like when Long was criticised but eventually found a way to use
all that power. Two excellent goals from Meite, and I went home
curiously satisfied.

The two CBs were poor today and I got the impression it was because
Moore (not that fast) was worried sh!tless by OShea's utter slowness.

I am firmly of the mind that one of Ilori or Blackett must play central defence.
We need some speed. Blackett's brilliant save was down to raw speed.

MAYBE OShea can work in a three-CB set up but personally I think
we have to recognise he's two old and good fast forward lines will target him
and then Moore's game will also fall apart.


» 10 Nov 2018 19:00

Clement picked exactly the same side which beat Bristol City 3-2 last up and he gets the blame?
How does that work?


» 10 Nov 2018 19:00

Anyone else fed up of hearing this? It's all well and good at the start (and was refreshing), but it seems like he's lamenting the performance every single week.

I don't think he should be sacked, but not winning these kind of games makes his job a lot harder.


» 10 Nov 2018 19:02

Brilliant idea to sign O`shea and not push for Elphick wasn`t it?


» 10 Nov 2018 19:06

Hi Ian. I haven't watched the game. It wasn't on ifollow so I will watch it later this week. I just have one question, and I promise I'm not trying to start something, but I looked up the whoscored stats for the match just now and Rinomhota was statistically the worst player on the pitch. I'm not saying stats are everything here but is there a chance that you rated him higher than several of the others because you want him to be good? That you want him to back up your positives opinions of his last performance?

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