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Bowen Starts Managerial Career With Victory

19 October 2019
By Hob Nob Anyone?

Reading secured a much needed dramatic victory in the eighth minute of stoppage time when Matt Miazga fired home the rebound from Jordan Obita's superb strike from outside the box. Newly appointed Mark Bowen could not have wished for a better start to his tenure as Royals manager. Bowen's impact was immediate and obvious for all to see and his reward of three points was richly deserved. In a refreshing change of tactics, the tedious exchange of passes around their own penalty area were replaced by a desire to get the ball forward quicker and more directly. Defensively the marking was tighter and every Reading player was quick to close down opponents on the ball to such an extent North End were restricted a mere four goal attempts on target to Reading's twelve. The players looked more comfortable with the change in tactics and the fans went home happy for the first time since the win against Cardiff way back in August.


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 Snowflake Royal

» 19 Oct 2019 18:32

Really good result and quite deserved.

A few words of caution to start though. I though Preston were the worst side I've seen this season except us, so baffled how they're riding so high. Plus despite better defending and play in general they still got a couple of alarming free headers they didn't do anything with. We'll need to play better to get a run of results.

Ref: 4 no control over the game at all. Let loads of their shithousery go and blew up every time one of them fancied a sit down.

Cabral 6 solid. There when called on but nothing spectacular. Couple of shit kicks.
Yiadom 6 much more present in defence, but still allergic to making an early cross. Good cutting inside still.
Obita 7 quite but solid game, more conservative than Yiadom, but also more likely to cross.
Both still getting isolated and targeted, but CBs better set up to help out.
Moore - 7 much better performance on the left
Morrison - 8 like the player we saw in the first few games. Focus on him defending, not passing.
Miazga - 9 there for the winner and made sure. Solid at the back too under intense shithousery.
Pele - 6 meh he's ok. Not convinced but decent game
Swift - 6 very mixed. Some very sloppy passing and slowed things down, but also a strong outlet and threat
Ejaria - 8 deserved a goal, but does need to find that final ball more, and the extra touch and turn less.
Puscas - 6 came close a couple of times
Meite - 7 worked hard as ever.

Baldock - 7 injected some pace and directness
Loader - 5 not really a game I'd have picked for him to excel
Adam - 5 he's so off the pace of the game when the opposition have the ball it's terrifying, but he's got a decent brain and pass in him still.

Bowen 7 more direct, better intensity, better belief, but lots of work to do yet. Still think the flanks are a bug problem and we can't play both Ejaria and Swift in central midfield.


» 19 Oct 2019 18:47

Subtle changes. Less risky at the back and got it to the strikers, Puscas and Meite, well in the first half. Bowen said we need to do that better, but the players did as they were told.

Far better game management, didn’t make wholesale, risky changes throughout the match. Which is wise, really as we have a lot of games coming up and I really hope steady progress can be made with a slightly different, direct but mixed style and confidence from that.

We were positive in our play, fought till the end, got lucky and nabbed our THIRD win of the season. Against a high-flying Preston side, too. Delighted for the players, delighted for Bowen and the staff. It wasn’t pretty, but a clean sheet and we move on to the fake hoops on Tuesday!


» 19 Oct 2019 18:50

I'm also wondering how Preston were second in the table, they were pretty woeful. A team whose game plan was to get players booked, feign injury, harass the ref , then nick a win from a set piece.

We battled as we have done previously, missed our few chances ( Puscas, Ejaria) then nicked it at the end.

It couldn't have been sweeter given Preston's antics

 Singing Defective

» 19 Oct 2019 18:53

Thought Moore enormously improved: Did his part, and was also screaming at players to get back when needed. The captainy sort of behaviour.

They were something else: Their No. 12 fouled someone straight in front of us in Y23, then went down on his knees, and head butted the ground. So the key-stone north end air ambulance walked over, wiped his nose. Then his hands. First one. Then the other. Are Southern pitches lethal to northerners? Is it something religious? Why did they not spend another five minutes wiping his ar5e, just for completeness?


» 19 Oct 2019 18:58

No arguments with this ratings Ian, exactly how I saw it. At a push thought Pele was a 7 and did well esp in the first half

Preston started well and I was a bit concerned but yeah they didn’t do a lot. Genuine wtf were they doing with all the play acting, time wasting and getting in the refs ear at 0-0 against a bottom 3 side. Bizarre behaviour and deserved their defeat

Side note - I enjoyed the game a lot more. More controlled but direct forward play, far better movement up top (esp with Baldock on) and great to see the spirit hasn’t been damaged with Gomes sacking

Early days but saw nothing to make me think sacking Gomes was incorrect. Thought we looked far more organised


» 19 Oct 2019 19:00

Pretty much agree with all of this. We were much more direct today with little of the awful passing between our centre backs. Preston were dreadful and got exactly what they deserved. Just how many times did their players go down injured in the second half?

We look much more solid with Miazga in the side.
A bit concerned with Obita who struggled to chase back on a couple of occasions when we were caught short at the back but overall a deserved win.


» 19 Oct 2019 19:01

Yep I thought Pele was better today and loved that thumping tackle to win the 50/50 in the second half.


» 19 Oct 2019 19:04

Can I just add a message for Bowen for the next game.....



» 19 Oct 2019 19:05

Yes I was baffled by how poor Preston were.
Apart from once when we were wide open 2nd half they never looked dangerous.
Not happy with three at the back,as our LH side was wide open,particularly in the 1st half.But heh ho.
We had far more decent shots and chances than they did,and they were happy to settle for a draw late on.

Rafael 6 Really had very little to do
Obita 6 Thought he was playing from memory at times and looked rusty,but fair does on the goal.
Morrison 6 Looked a bit spare really,but did what was required.
Moore 7. The odd difficult moment,but did OK.Why hav’nt we seen his throws before ?
Miazga 7 Did ok defensively and hit the target
Yiadom 7 MOM really posed a threat 2nd half
Pele 7. It wasn’t all bad.
Swift 7. Some sublime moments
Ejaria 7 Missed a sitter but a real handful at this level
Puskas 5 Awful really
Meighte 6 Usual bashing about

Loader effective
Baldock showed a lot of commitment but one really poor moment
Adams Really ?

Ref Very poor 2nd half and the booking for Obita ridiculous.

A wins a win and at least we looked effective


» 19 Oct 2019 19:15

Can’t see how you have Loader as ‘effective’. Didn’t do much at all tbh.

Adam contributes. It’s a joke he makes the squad. But he at least contributed.


» 19 Oct 2019 19:19

Rafael - Nothing to do of any note really. Kicking quite poor but good to see a Reading keeper looking for an intelligent long ball first rather than automatically playing it short every time.

Yiadom - Tireless up and down the flank. Couple of good crosses, including one that Puscas could have done better with if he could have been bothered getting across the Centre Back. 8 MotM

Miazga - Took the goal well and dealt with everything in defence. Makes such a difference to that back three when he plays. 8

Moore - Shaky start but grew into the game. Probably his best performance of the season. 7

Morrison - Back to form. Did he had to do. 7

Obita - He's still getting up to speed but is looking stronger with every game, so pleased for him. Great shot in the lead up to the goal. 6

Pele - Solid if unspectacular performance. Put himself about well. 7

Ejaria - The usual fancy footwork but seemed to move the ball with more speed. Should have scored. 7

Swift - Put a shift in defensively and in attack. 7

Puscas - Couple of half chances but poor again. 4

Meite - Plenty of effort from Yak but nothing really came off for him. Must be difficult when you're having to put in the effort of two people because your strike partner can't be arsed. 5

Loader - Thought he did ok. Got won the corner late on for the goal. 6

Baldock - Added energy and enthusiasm. 7

Adam - Pulled a muscle soon after coming on so that must have hampered him. 5


» 19 Oct 2019 19:20

I see the Puscas bashing still in full flow, I thought he did very well today, was lively and plenty of good movement off the ball.

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