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Reading Draw In First Game Back As Fans Locked Out

20 June 2020
By Hob Nob Anyone?

Championship football is back with us again and The Royals got off to a flying start. Joao opened the scoring after seven minutes with a delightful finish from Meite's cross, which I missed as the ifollow system predictably struggled to cope with everyone logging in just before kick-off. After a bright thirty minutes, the Reading striker unfortunately was forced to leave the pitch with a significant looking hamstring injury. Morrison might have extended Reading's lead early in the second half, but was blatantly fouled in the box in the second half. The referee somehow failed to notice the infringement. To round the afternoon off, a stoppage time equaliser from Stoke denied Reading their first win behind closed doors. It's good to be back!


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» 20 Jun 2020 17:16

Not much change really after four months off.Missed Miazga.Zonal marking why ?

Rafael 7 Little to do really.The really great goalies dominate the box.
Gunter 6 Usual service.Very much a mixed bag.Still backs off too much.One terrible cross when totally under no pressure.
Richards 6 Nothing much going forward,struggled a bit at times.Very much normal service.
Moore 9 Near enough 10 MOM.Obviously kept his levels up during lock down.
Morrison 6 Struggled against Vokes.Normal service again.
Swift 7 Tired.Not surprising really.Unlucky with the free kick.
Ejaria 4 Very disappointing.Right off his game.
Olise 7 Very promising,will get better and better.
Obita 7 Back to his old position.Some good crosses.Didnt put a foot wrong.
Meite 6 Usual really.Bull in a china shop.Tired badly.
Jao 8 Great goal.We will miss him.

Puskas Thought he looked reasonably sharp.
Rino Looked a bit rusty.
Macca Yeah looked sharp.
Adam Gave away the crucial corner.Looked his age.

Ref.Forgot how bad they are.Missed a clear penalty,then missed the foul when Swift was about to shoot.Mc Clean and Powell consistently fouled,but did little about it.
Crowd poor.Very disappointing attendance.


» 20 Jun 2020 17:21

Meite is toilet. Just doesn’t have a footballing brain. Any talks of playoffs is stupid, even if we managed to get in we’d be destroyed by any half decent side.


» 20 Jun 2020 17:22

Poor to not see that game out. Negative tactics going 4-5-1 against a team lower than us at home. Stoke had 4 CB’s out there and expected us to take the game to them. Which we did for a while with João driving at them. Puscas lacked service when on, I think he needs a 4-4-2 with out and out wingers when he’s on the pitch.

Understand that Bowen may have opted for experience to see the game out In the 84th and brought on McLeary and Adam - the changes unsettled us further though. Would have just liked to see Masika to exploit their slow wing backs.

Disappointing but sod it. Reading FC are back!


» 20 Jun 2020 17:33

What like Fulham?


» 20 Jun 2020 17:34

The same Fulham side we beat, Forest side we drew with twice or Preston side we doubled?


» 20 Jun 2020 17:35

Thats probably one of the best performances from Moore I've seen. Thought we looked very good in spells and then had spells where we let Stoke play too much. Olise looks very promising - tried too much on a lot of occasions today but is a real talent. Swift, Rafael, Obita good.

Didn't think anyone was poor really. Just switched off at the end, very frustrating. Hope Joao isn't too injured.

 Snowflake Royal

» 20 Jun 2020 17:37

Cabral - 6 didn't have a lot to do to get a higher score tbf
Gunter - 7 occasional Gunter moments but generally decent
Richards - 6 fine, bit wobbly in defence not much in attack
Moore - 8 top draw for the most part
Morro - 7 solid, good fall over foul at least once.
Swift - 7 so close, in and out the game
Ejaria - 6 decent, some lovely inter play at times but only patchy and didn't deliver
Olise - 8 just a joy to watch. Sometimes flashy, sometimes simple. Still a bit naive and weak at times, but some of our best moments came through him. Always looking to produce
Meite - 7 always a threat and unsettled teams. He's not pretty but he's effective
Obita - 6 didn't have the legs at the end, couldn't quite get a couple of crosses in, but decent
Joao - 7 looked dangerous and was linking with Meite fairly well. Real shame about the injury, would score higher if he played longer

Puscas - 7 still seems on his heels too often, but much better passing and touch
McCleary - 7 almost a great through ball, some nice moments
Rinomhota - 6 solid, but couldn't quite make a couple of breaks happen
Adam - 6 a couple of moments of good experience but also gave away the corner and a couple too many ambitious forward balls

Ref - 5 few major decisions wrong, but not great.

Overall disappointing, but always felt vulnerable at just 1 and could almost feel it coming at that corner. Pretty good display on the whole. Joao a big loss though.


» 20 Jun 2020 17:46

Didn't watch it but I'll just say +1 to what Ian Royal says as he is normally right on the team board (not so much AE :wink:)


» 20 Jun 2020 17:52

Tbh I’d go pretty much with all he says in that post.

 Franconian Royal

» 20 Jun 2020 17:56

Watched until the 75th Minute. We looked good. Didn’t see either of the goals.

I hope Joao isn’t injured, hopefully it was cramp. Looked really sad when he came off.

If we could see out games, then we’d be in with a higher position. If we play some slick footie against Derby, we could win.

Agree with comments that we need wingers when puscas is on.


» 20 Jun 2020 18:16

Dont think he would have had an ice pack for cramp, and his reaction after he went off tells us all we need to know, certainly his hammy again.


» 20 Jun 2020 18:30

I still can't believe we didn't win that. Should have really been 2 or 3 up before the end, that's how much we were on top in the game. Maybe without Joao's injury we would have done.

Thought we were solid and Stoke hardly troubled us at all until the end when we went to sleep and got sucker punched. Very frustrating when we should have won that game today. It does reinforce the reality though. Our squad lacks quality in a few areas and we'd have no chance in the playoffs anyway. We need to try and address those weaknesses in the summer with whatever limited transfer kitty that we do get. We really do lack quality up front to finish teams off, like when we got held by Hull. We may have to sell someone valuable, just hope it's not Olise as he played very well today.

Very frustrating but not a massively surprising result when you don't take your chances like Swift's freekick, that's 5 draws in our last 6 league matches with Stoke now!

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