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All Change At The Top

25 August 2020
By Hob Nob Anyone?

Reading FC are making dramatic changes behind the scenes as they shuffle around the board room - and manager Mark Bowen is strongly rumoured to be set to return to his Director of Football role. The club have already confirmed that Nigel Howe is no longer the Chief Executive, but he will remain at the club as "vice-Chairman". Dayong Pang will become the new chief executive to replace Howe.

Howe has been credited with bringing stability back to the club after returning a second time to become CEO, so it seems a strange decision to replace him immediately before the start of a fresh season. The same may apply to Mark Bowen if he finds himself removed from the manager's position with the new season set to begin.

Club Statement:

Howe will return to his previous position as Vice-Chairman and resume responsibility for the property side of the business incorporating into his role the completion of the development of our new state-of-the-art training facility, Bearwood Park, and the future plans for the site at Hogwood Park. He will also continue in his role as a member of the EFL board.

Mr Dayong Pang, who has worked closely with Mr Dai for a number of years, will now step up to assume the role of Chief Executive.

Owner Mr Dai Yongge would like to thank Nigel for his hard work in his capacity as CEO and looks forward to his continued contribution to the club and its owners moving forward. He would also like to wish Mr Dayong Pang every success in this new and important role.

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