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Home Run Ended By Sunderland

14 September 2022
By Hob Nob Anyone?

Last night, Reading's unbeaten home run came to an end in spectacular fashion. Sunderland dominated possession from start to finish, scored two goals in quick succession on the break shortly before half time, and finished off an extremely poor Reading team with a simply superb third goal midway through the second half. However, it has to be said Reading made a huge contribution towards their own demise.


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» 14 Sep 2022 23:27

Not quite sure where that came from but it was horrific. Left after the 3rd because I don’t have enough time or desire in my life to subject myself to that shit.

That performance screamed arrogance. It struck me as a team that has won all of their home games without dominating the ball. You cannot hope to consistently win games when you’re seeing 25% of the ball, it’s just nuts. If you want to play like that you’ve got to be sure of your organisation, and determination, then when you win the ball you need to be sharp and quick. We were absolutely none of those things. We set the tone for our sloppy play with our first venture into their third when we laboured, made the wrong decision and then tamely over hit a pass out for a goal kick.

We were second best in every area so not too much point going into too much analysis - it was just a really, really bad day at the office and every single player put in displays so far below the level they have shown they were capable of.

Ultimately we’ve shown this year what we are, a team that can play really well and a team that can be truly abysmal. I think we should have enough to finish lower mid table but we’ve got to make sure we keep that ability to bounce back - which so far we’ve shown we can. Hopefully we can get a big reaction on Saturday.

 Snowflake Royal

» 14 Sep 2022 23:48

Frustrating because Sunderland really weren’t that good. And a decdnt performance from us could have taken 3 points.

The whole team were off their game. It was an example of Reading Hyde tonight. Sloppy, half arsed and disjointed.

Lumley - 5 probably the best of the lot, no errors but can't shake the feeling he should have done better with at least one of the goals.
Yiadom - 5 was ok first half, but fell away second
Hoilett - 4 awol for large stretches of the game, ineffective and no end product but occasional moments of promise
Holmes - 5 passing was off, and fell apart in the last 10 minutes or so
Hutchinson - 4 good burst of pace on one break, but didn’t cover himself in glory on the second not being close to his man, sucking McIntyre in to cover and be dold on the dummy leaving Roberts free. Didnt even try to close the first. Otherwise distinctly average. Stood and watched a couple of balls that were his all the way
McIntyre - 4 beaten for both the first two goals, though did well to get back for the first. Lots of loose touches
Fornah - 5 probably the best of the central midfielders completely missing first half, end product dreadful, and for some reason tried to time waste in their corner with 20 or 30 to go at 2 down.
Loum - 4 way off the pace. Can see why he's with us. He has the attributes to be amazing, but has been off the pace in several games
Hendrick - 4 gives the ball away far too much, doesn't really win it back much, doesn't create much, wanders around not really having a impact, well positive one... he created the break for their second
Ince - 5 ran a lot, but went missing a fair amount. Got bugger all help, couldn't deliver anything
Joao - 4 looks unfit and heavy. I don’t like the criticism normally, but he wasn’t really up for it. Uncharacteristically a few times he didn't even challenge for balls near him. Tried to hold off him man and roll him a few times but touch, strength and pace deserted him. Zero service.

Rahman - 4 no impact at all
Meite - 5 made an effort, put himself about, fluffed his only real chance
Craig - 5 held the ball up well at one point, brushed off a bit easily another. On for experience only.

Ince - poor showing. The team were never really at the races, so prep has to be a factor and he has to try something to change it. Rahman at HT was too little. I know he couldn't really predict 2 goals in 2 minutes in the last 5 of the half. But we needed a major change of plan and we just sort of plodded on.

Terrible decision making and execution all game.

We go again, and hopefully we pick ourselves up dust off and get a reaction.

But I fear maulings like that getting increasingly common. Our position does feel pretty false right now after three absolute tonkings and some narrow wins.


» 14 Sep 2022 23:50

First off well played Sunderland. They were bright, quick, creative, hard working, tactically astute and very determined. I applauded their third goal. It was brilliantly executed.

As for our lot that was the worst performance I have ever witnessed from a Reading side and I have seen a lot of dire performances including 7-0 and 6-0 defeats.
It was laboured and of such poor quality. There were no options to pass to .with everything done at such a slow pace. The ball would then be lumped forward.
The passing was abysmal. The lack of basic footballing skills was worrying. Second best in the air. Second best to tackles. Clueless creatively.

Their second goal summed up just how hopeless our central midfield was. Hendrick running forward with the ball had his through pass easily intercepted allowing Sunderland to break. The ball eventually comes into midfield and Loum is favourite to reach the ball but somehow manages to be nutmegged. The defence is left exposed and they score again from the left back position.

It looked like a non league team play a top flight side tonight with Hendrick utterly atrocious and constantly out of position in no man’s land. Ejaria has to come into the side for him when fit.

I don’t mind us losing this season but I do mind a performance as bad as that. They should be embarrassed to have been so utterly played off the park.

 Mr Optimist

» 15 Sep 2022 07:11

Agree with Zip, a lot of credit goes to Sunderland and the effort they put in all game, all over the pitch, the pressing of a passive Reading meant they earned the right to dictate the game. Two great finishes from Roberts, but the second one I am not sure why Hutchinson didn’t take responsibility and go towards Roberts, and let Tom Mc run back towards the penalty spot to cover the middle, especially after seeing how the first goal went in!

It’s only 3 points, we need to get back to doing the work all over the pitch again, and maybe we missed Shane’s pressing from the front tonight too, but too many players not at it and this is what happens. Good thing is we don’t have long to dwell on it and we have what is a winnable away game up next to try and put it right.

Take nothing away from Sunderland’s performance though, they won the game in midfield and Danny Bath was a rock at the back for them.


» 15 Sep 2022 07:36

Paul Ince after match reaction:


» 15 Sep 2022 07:46

A game between a side who seemed to think turning up was enough to win at home and a side working hard to impress a new manager.

Shocking performance - getting stuffed by Sheffield, fine they'll do that to a few this year - Rotherham was individual errors but at a team doing very well at home but last night - no, we simply can't have that again else the good start will fall away very, very quickly throughout October.

It felt as if missing Saturday hindered the team more than helped - small squad at the mo naturally and they won't have got much of a break in training intensity as would have been preparing for a game until Friday but it felt like they had forgotten what they were meant to do - which given the mentality we've seen this year is worrying and hopefully a one off.

To play the way we have played, we need at least 9 of the outfield players to be on it - today, Ince maybe was OK at best but that's being generous. They started as if they knew they would get a chance and take it and if Loum's header from the corner a couple of mins before their first had not been at the keeper then they may have been right.

That cannot be repeated - we can all accept losing but the effort has to be there.

Not going to single out anyone as all were awful and not one player could complain if they aren't in the side at Wigan.

On the plus side, if you want to find one, we are 4th after 9 games. 3 of those against the rest of the current top 6, including 1st and 3rd - so we haven't had a massively easy start in reality. Key for me though, is we have beaten teams who are struggling, that will be key going forward.


» 15 Sep 2022 07:48

All true but I guess, and I’m sure he is, he needs to look at himself and the coaching team as to why we went out so lethargic

We shouldn’t need to keep getting our arses kicked to bring us back down to earth every few weeks

He’s right in that not one player can take any credit from that. Totally outclassed from start to finish


» 15 Sep 2022 07:57

I’m trying to think of a worse performance from us ever, but am struggling. There won’t have been many.

It was basically like there were 11 school kids out there running around doing random stuff, not interconnected at all. I’m totally baffled.

 Norfolk Royal

» 15 Sep 2022 07:59

Agree with most of the comments so far. The tone was set early on as we let Sunderland have possession and didn’t press with any conviction.

I thought there were two crucial incidents. Firstly when Tince was chopped on a break and the ref allowed advantage to be played. The ball went to Hendricks who passed it into touch. It’s a marginal decision but had the ref blown up and booked the Sunderland player giving us a free kick in a dangerous position, that may just have put us on the front foot.

Secondly, the injury to the impressive Sunderland striker leaving them without a recognised striker. We didn’t react quickly enough. We had three central defenders playing against nobody.

A word about Patrick Roberts. A dangerous player yes but he’s been knocking around several clubs for years now never really fulfilling his potential. Most other clubs seem to have worked him out and his wonder games are few and far between. It was just our luck that he chose last night probably to make the most decisive intervention of his career.

Finally, Tom McIntyre, he’s got talent and I like him generally but he must do something about his running pace and style. Not tomorrow, not next week, NOW.

He owes it to the club but most importantly to himself as his lack of pace will hold back his career.

I’m 60 and an experienced runner. You can train yourself to run faster. I don’t mean endurance or middle distance, I mean sprinting. When Tom was running back to cover on one of the goals he had the air of a knackered pit pony on its last day down the mine before the final appointment at the glue factory.

Get down to the local athletics club, I think there is a good one in Reading. Spend some time with the sprinters there, pick up some tips from them and train with them if they are kind enough to let you a few days a week. Get a personal sprinting coach. Raise your legs, don’t drag them like you do. Run as if you are busting everything on a sprint rather than conserving energy.

It’s not rocket science but you need some help with that. Get it. It’s easily available if you have the will to do it.


» 15 Sep 2022 08:03

Exactly. You can’t keep playing the “wake up call” card.

Why do they keep sleeping?


» 15 Sep 2022 08:12

Anyway. What the hell was that smell there last night?

Seemed to be worst in car park 6 but it was so bad you could still smell it strongly in the stadium

Is it often like that? I can’t remember it.

Just a rancid cherry on top of a shitty cake of an evening


» 15 Sep 2022 08:19

Wigan (H) under Bowen - game last night drew many similarities with that one

 Snowflake Royal

» 15 Sep 2022 08:21

Wigan (H) under Bowen - game last night drew many similarities with that one
Ipswich H under Clement

 Silver Fox

» 15 Sep 2022 08:25

Kind of my thoughts, it was like they were playing 11 different games, no cohesion at all and Sunderland really didn't need to do much to take advantage


» 15 Sep 2022 08:43

Wigan (H) under Bowen - game last night drew many similarities with that one
Ipswich H under Clement

I think we actually played ok in a lot of that Ipswich game and then absolutely crumbled at the end in embarrassing fashion

Wigan 0-3 - yes that is the only one I can think that comes close


» 15 Sep 2022 09:07

Top post. That was the topic of conversation in Y24 last night. It was a first, never smelt it before. Only blessing was getting home at a decent hour.


» 15 Sep 2022 09:09

The players looked exhausted, which makes no sense at all as they'd not played for 10 days.

They also played with that "play the who game like you are 0-2 down in injury time" look that was so common under the darkest days on Paunovic.

Looking at the very poor crowd before the game, I ws thinking that it's a shame that so many of those who've stayed away haven't given the team another chance this season, but I think it was probably for the best that they didn't turn up last night.


» 15 Sep 2022 09:12

Pretty abject from everyone last night. Not sure what else can be said.

Sunderland looked decent - always at least one team who carries on their form from getting promoted out of League 1. Fucking Patrick Roberts still keeps scoring against us, 2 well taken goals.


» 15 Sep 2022 09:19

That was pretty horrific. Can't recall that we strung four passes together all night. Lazy, lethargic. In fact, totally bizarre. What on earth happened? No desire, no pressing, and no options for the pass. Really odd. Switched off at 65 minutes, thankfully I didn't pay to go.


» 15 Sep 2022 09:31

Good Post


» 15 Sep 2022 09:34

^ this. They really were excellent first half. Said to the bloke next to me, they'll be rueing going into half-time goalless........moments later they were 2up lol.


» 15 Sep 2022 09:35

All the comments pretty much capture it. Completely agree that the overhit pass from Hendrick to Yiadom in one of our first attacks set the tone. We are abysmal in possession today, so sloppy. We will lose games this season, no problem with that. But not in that manner.

Sunderland's three goals were very well taken. Great counter attacking moves at real pace that cut through us. Also credit to their following, I know they probably have a large southern based fanbase, but 2500 on a Wednesday night is v impressive either way. At least it was worth it for those who made the full 570 mile round trip!


» 15 Sep 2022 09:35

Wigan (H) under Bowen - game last night drew many similarities with that one
Ipswich H under Clement

Many home games under Paunovic.

Burton under Stam

Most home games v Birmingham

v 8 man Yeovil

Palace at home under Q&G

No doubt countless away games consigned to history very quickly e.g. away v *xford under Terry


» 15 Sep 2022 09:57

Think they’ll have a shot at the top six, complete contrast to the shambles they were the last time they were in the Championship

Although Mowbray has a recent history of strong runs followed by winless runs - Blackburn’s collapse was really poor last season

 Bristol Paul

» 15 Sep 2022 10:21

Totally agree with this, and that Sunderland were decent, not rubbish as some.others seem to think. Hendrick is crap, let's face it, and a few.of the team seem to be here just for the money at times based on the lack of effort and sloppiness.


» 15 Sep 2022 10:28

Totally agree with this, and that Sunderland were decent, not rubbish as some.others seem to think. Hendrick is crap, let's face it, and a few.of the team seem to be here just for the money at times based on the lack of effort and sloppiness.

If they're here for the money this season then they're going to be severely disappointed.


» 15 Sep 2022 10:38

Spot on about improving sprinting ability. It can be done, particularly with someone who appears to have little sprinting ability at the outset.

 John Smith

» 15 Sep 2022 10:42

Oh dear.

Started off like we were the away team - pressed back into our own half and then they just picked us off, then never recovered.

It's one bad result, yes there have been a couple of others before but I don't think it will continue into a string of defeats. I am still backing us to win on Saturday.


» 15 Sep 2022 10:45

Can we just stop playing evening games please? ok Blackburn was good but in the main the last 5 years-especially away- has been atrocious.


» 15 Sep 2022 10:48

Tom Ince was at one point utterly frustrated with the team as he seemed to be the only one within 30 yards of their goal during one of our two 'attacks'. Utterly baffling performance.

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