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Carroll Returns On Short Term Contract

15 September 2022
By Hob Nob Anyone?

Striker Andy Carroll has completed his return to Reading after a time training with the first team. Carroll has signed a short term four month deal that will see him stay with the Royals until the middle of January. Carroll played 8 times for Reading last season scoring two league goals. After his short stay in Berkshire, Carroll went to West Brom where he played 15 times, scoring a further three goals. The 33-year old former Newcastle, Liverpool and West Ham player has been without a club so far this season.


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 Binfield Royal

» 13 Sep 2022 15:13

So has he actually agreed to join us? Many posts read like he's already signed but nothing from the club or BBCRB etc.
Would be pleased if its true.


» 13 Sep 2022 15:21

No idea - DM report today he has turned down a deal in Iran worth 20k pw. Imagine turned down due to location rather than money.

Tone seems to have changed from "he's signing" to "he's still considering his options".

 Elm Park Kid

» 13 Sep 2022 15:35

Speculation - but if Carroll had signed a contract at the weekend then the club might not have wanted to announce officially until they can do the full PR job. So the journo might have got a tip off to release unofficially. I'm not aware yet the guy has ever done an article like this based on rumour.


» 13 Sep 2022 15:54

I think it's a case of he's training with us at the moment, although he's expected to sign a deal with us? If the rumours are to be believed. Nothing to say he won't move elsewhere in that time though. The reports were suggesting we were hoping he was up to speed by after the International break, which is still a couple of weeks away yet.


» 13 Sep 2022 16:15

Involved in a car accident this afternoon. Looked fine stood talking to Police. Other car didn't look great.

 Franchise FC

» 13 Sep 2022 18:31

Another one …. :shock:
He wrote his own car off the day before yesterday as well :wink:


» 14 Sep 2022 12:14

Another one …. :shock:
He wrote his own car off the day before yesterday as well :wink:

Sorry. The Daily Mail were behind as usual.


» 15 Sep 2022 07:41

Deal getting nearer. Paul Ince confirms interest:


» 15 Sep 2022 10:38

He might reconsider his options after last night.


» 15 Sep 2022 10:46

Or realise he'll stand a good chance of walking straight into the side.


» 15 Sep 2022 13:25

Someone spotted name stickers for the squad through an open door at the club shop last night.

Zoom in and Carroll is on the table. So unless we are signing Tom Carroll, looks like the move is all but done.

Or someone has too much time on their hands.

Also didn't realise until Reading Ince's quotes, that he is training with us and if the deal is sorted Ince wants him involved at the weekend.


» 15 Sep 2022 16:26


Guess he's back then.


» 15 Sep 2022 16:29

:lol: :lol:


» 15 Sep 2022 16:30

? No access to see.


» 15 Sep 2022 16:32

We are delighted to announce the signing of striker Andy Carroll on a short-term deal which will see him bolster our attacking options until mid-January.


» 15 Sep 2022 16:33

Confrimed though only another short term deal to mid January :roll:

Glad to have back in though, let’s hope he proves the difference at Wigan on Saturday.

 Forbury Lion

» 15 Sep 2022 16:33

The Reading FC app just sent an alert, He's back until mid-January after signing a 4 month contract - could play 19 games


» 15 Sep 2022 16:34

Good news. Still very useful. I'm sure if he stays fit it'll get extended until the summer.

 6ft Kerplunk

» 15 Sep 2022 16:37

Excellent, should just about get match fit and ready to do a job for another team pushing for the playoffs by the end of his contract then.


» 15 Sep 2022 16:39

More like he'll go to another team again.


» 15 Sep 2022 16:43

Wtf this has shocked me :shock:

Has a mod moved a thread from the rumours page to the team board :o we have mods :shock:

 Forbury Lion

» 15 Sep 2022 16:43

More like he'll go to another team again.IF we're flying high and look odds on to be promoted (I did say IF) the chances of keeping him.

 Elm Park Kid

» 15 Sep 2022 16:45

True, fair point.

Well I still say AC isn’t coming to Reading

Coming back. Hopefully ready for Huddersfield on 1 October.

Good to have a local journo who's actually ITK and not just posting rumours.

 Franchise FC

» 15 Sep 2022 17:00

Excellent, should just about get match fit and ready to do a job for another team pushing for the playoffs by the end of his contract then.
He was as fit as anyone last time

Butchers dog springs to mind


» 15 Sep 2022 17:10

As a starter we will get 19 games out of him - or 19 that he is available for. Help us get 8 wins out of that we will be pretty close to safe. Great news.


» 15 Sep 2022 17:15

Delighted he is back, disappointed it’s only til Jan. still good news

 Snowflake Royal

» 15 Sep 2022 18:13

Looking forward to some more best goals never scored.


» 15 Sep 2022 18:22

Probably after the international break is realistic for him to come in. obviously looking for a better offer in the January window, unlikely to be us I would have thought.
Happy he`s back.


» 15 Sep 2022 18:29

Happy he is back, shame it's just until January but am sure that can be extended and gives both sides a chance to review things before the run in.

Sensible option and likely direct competition for Joao.


» 15 Sep 2022 19:18

I reckon he will be involved on Saturday otherwise why not wait a little longer to sign him given its only for four months and the international break is coming up

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