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Little bit of an intro first! I've been following The Royals for nearly 30 years. It started off as just innocent fun, or so I thought, but after the first few games you just kind of get hooked. First you start with programmes, then you progress onto Rothmans, and before you know it, you're scouring any old second hand sports bookshop on the look out for any old trivia! Then you join the rfc mailing list, and lo and behold, you find you're sad enough to actually know the answers to the most of the wildest statto requests on the planet!! And if you don't know, you find yourself WANTING to know! It's a sad sad disease, and I know I'm on the slippery downward spiral, but what the heck ... pass another can of Red Rock, and I'll try to dig out the low down on all manner of RFC stuff!

11 NOV 1998
Strap's Stats Seventeen
Can The Royals Make The Play Offs?
After our mighty wins over Walsall and Stoke had taken us up to the giddy heights of 18th, the optimist in me started wondering how many teams had managed to reach the play-offs, having languished at 18th place 10 league games into the season...
29 SEP 1998
Strap's Stats Sixteen
The Royals Transfers In FULL from the last three years.
There has been a bit of correspondence recently regarding the relative amounts of money various recent Reading managers have been allowed to spend...
30 JUN 1998
Strap's Stats Fifteen
Statistical Summary of the 1997/1998 Season
Any records broken this season then? Well apart from reaching the 5th round of both cups you mean? How about 40 different players named for 1st team fixtures. 19 YES 19 players making their 1st team debuts for the club...
10 JUN 1998
Strap's Stats Fourteen
Can Reading Bounce Straight Back Up?
Put simply, it appears we have a 16.67% chance of bouncing back at the first attempt, based on stats of course, and ignoring Tommy Gun’s obvious skills at man management etc!! You want the proof?
20 APR 1998
Strap's Stats Thirteen
The Elm Park Record In Full
Elm Park over the years has seen it’s fair share of drama and passion, but just how many teams have actually graced the hallowed turf? Is there any team left in the league that will never now experience the fear and trepidation...
19 MAR 1998
16 MAR 1998
1 MAR 1998
28 FEB 1998
15 DEC 1997
7 DEC 1997
Strap's Stats Seven
Less Goals Than Games
1 DEC 1997
20 NOV 1997
10 NOV 1997
1 NOV 1997
20 OCT 1997
10 OCT 1997

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